“This Princess doesn’t feel well and needs some nourishing medicine, so I have ordered my servant girl to go and get some. Could it be that even this is forbidden?”


The guard immediately bowed to pay his respects. “This subordinate doesn’t dare, but Prince Yun has instructed…”


He was interrupted before he could finish. “Prince Yun will soon leave the imperial palace to go to Nanzhao’s mother river, the Water Caltrop River. If you keep blocking her, then maybe this Princess will also go out right now. Unless you kill this Princess, you won’t be able to stop me!”


Ning Anlian emphasised her final sentence, raising her voice at the same time. The imperial guard was stunned upon hearing the word ‘kill’. I can’t believe that she said such fierce words. No matter how the Eldest Imperial Princess acts, we wouldn’t dare to kill her!


Left with little choice, the guard stepped back to discuss this with other imperial guards and soldiers from the Imperial Guard Army. In the end, they decided to give in. “Miss Piao Xu, leave and return quickly.”


Piao Xu left after receiving a final meaningful look from Ning Anlian.


Piao Xu understood and left immediately with Imperial Physician Fang.


Although Imperial Physician Fang knew that the reason Piao Xu came out was not as simple as going back with him to get some medicine, he couldn’t openly admit it.


After entering the Imperial Physician Institute, Piao Xu took some nourishing medicine and left in a hurry. Imperial Physician Fang shook his head and sighed. I hope that nothing goes wrong for them.


Piao Xu didn’t use the same quiet path on her way back, choosing to instead take the main path towards the atrium. Looking at the time, Prince Yun is definitely still in the palace. 


When she closed in on her destination, she caught sight of two rows of imperial guards forming a walkway between them. All of them wore a solemn expression with swords hung at their waists.


Piao Xu heard footsteps before raising her head and seeing the Emperor walking down the middle of the guards with Prince Yun on his left, and Prince Hao on his right. Trailing behind them was a very alluring and feminine looking man and...


Piao Xu focused on the figure, finding that she was wearing a red dress. That woman is clearly Su Xi-er! Although she is still behind the crowd, she’s the only one wearing a red dress!


The colour red is the noblest colour, especially peony red! The deeper the colour, the higher the status of the person. I am the personal maidservant of the Eldest Imperial Princess, and even I can only wear a slightly pink dress on New Year’s Day.


But Su Xi-er is wearing a bright red dress that is dazzling enough to catch my eye! Among all the palace maids, she is the only one wearing red!


How audacious! Could it be that Prince Hao allowed her to wear it? This is Nanzhao, not Beimin!


Although Piao Xu stood far away, Yun Ruofeng still found her with one glance. He signalled towards Wei Mohai on his side.


Wei Mohai immediately instructed Qin Ling, prompting the latter to dart over to Piao Xu’s side and drag her into the forest on the side of the palace path.


“Return to the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace. There is no place for you here. The Eldest Imperial Princess cannot come out during the state banquet this time.”


Piao Xu felt that this was an injustice to Ning Anlian. “The Eldest Imperial Princess’ position is noble. Even if her ankle was injured, she can still go in a palanquin! Instead, all the spotlight has been stolen by Su Xi-er, and she is even wearing a red dress today!”


“Su Xi-er is someone from Beimin; you can’t manage her. Everyone noticed her after she appeared today, even the Emperor of Xiliu, who is normally quiet and indifferent. Either way, you should hurry and make yourself scarce.” Qin Ling spoke placidly, only stating the facts. And yet, every word he said was a stab to the heart.


Ning Anlian would have been steaming mad if she had caught even one sentence from his mouth.


“You!” Piao Xu was extremely angry, but she had to keep her voice low in order to avoid being discovered.


I was just shocked by Su Xi-er’s red dress, so I didn’t hide as quickly. Now, I must go back to the repose palace and tell the Eldest Imperial Princess about this. She definitely won’t sit back and wait in the repose palace, allowing all the spotlight to be taken by Su Xi-er.


This is Nanzhao, not a place for impudent people from Beimin!

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Translation: Sangria

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Sangria: Poor Imperial Physician Fang and poor guard who let Piao Xu out, I hope Prince Yun won’t order people to execute them…