“Eldest Imperial Princess, please try moving your ankle a bit; does it still hurt?”


Ning Anlian gingerly stretched her ankle out, slowly making larger and larger movements until she found where her limits were.


When Imperial Physician Fang saw that she was fine, he advised, “You have been recovering well, so we’ll continue with the same treatment today. As long as you don’t make big movements or stay on your feet for too long, you should be fine. Just be careful of letting it swell up again.”


“Alright, this Princess will be careful. Imperial Physician Fang, hurry and treat this Princess.” Ning Anlian then asked Piao Xu to help her onto a long chair to lie down.


Imperial Physician Fang proceeded to open up his medicine box and started the treatment, working diligently for about two hours before he finished. Once he removed his hands from her wrist and ankle, Ning Anlian felt that both were warm and comfortable. They didn’t hurt anymore when moving them around, even if she made larger movements.


“Imperial Physician Fang, your medical skills are really superb. This Princess will reward you handsomely.” She gave Piao Xu a look prompting the latter to head to the inner room to retrieve an ingot of gold


Imperial Physician Fang immediately waved his hands, but Ning Anlian quickly insisted, “Take it; it is a gift from this Princess. Could it be that you don’t care about this Princess’ face?”




Piao Xu pushed the ingot of gold into Imperial Physician Fang’s chest, so that he had no choice but to accept it.


“Piao Xu, follow Imperial Physician Fang and get some nourishing medicine from the Imperial Physician Institute.” Ning Anlian instructed as she gave Piao Xu a meaningful look.


Piao Xu understood. The Eldest Imperial Princess wants me to leave the repose palace with Imperial Physician Fang under the pretence of getting medication so that I can get some information. More importantly, she wants to know if that siren Su Xi-er is going to the Mother River with Prince Hao!


Imperial Physician Fang hesitated as he came to a realisation. The Eldest Imperial Princess has given me this gold so that I will take Piao Xu out of the repose palace… Isn’t this as good as openly defying Prince Yun if I agree?


“Imperial Physician Fang, why are you still loitering around? Piao Xu is only going to collect some nourishing medicine; are you afraid that she will get lost?” Ning Anlian sat on the upper seat with a vicious glint in her eyes and overbearing attitude.


Imperial Physician Fang immediately bowed to pay his respects. “This humble official doesn’t dare. It’s just that there are so many guards outside right now that even you aren’t allowed out, Eldest Imperial Princess. How can...”


“Shut up, it’s only to get some nourishing medicine. Imperial Physician Fang, this Princess will quietly remain here.”


Imperial Physician Fang could tell that Ning Anlian was annoyed and had to take a step back. “This humble official obeys the order.” I am willing, but the imperial guards outside the door are another story.


Piao Xu followed Imperial Physician Fang out the door with Ning Anlian’s orders in mind. However, before she could take more than a few steps, she was blocked by the imperial guards outside by bringing out Prince Yun’s and the Emperor’s orders.


Imperial Physician Fang was placed in a difficult situation as he looked at the imperial guard. “She is following this humble official to the Imperial Physician Institute to get some nourishing medicine, and will soon return. This servant will be sure to take her through a small quiet path so that nobody will know.”


No!” The guard didn’t smile, raising his halberd as a silent threat.


Piao Xu was a bit angry, but still showed a smile on her face. “This servant just wants to go and get some medicine, and won’t dawdle around outside. It will take me fifteen minutes at most.”


Just as the imperial guard prepared to voice another denial, he saw the Eldest Imperial Princess slowly walking out from the palace. She looked natural and calm, as if her ankle was already fine.

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Sangria

TLC: Rakumon


Unless you kill this Princess, you won’t be able to stop me!

Lunarlark: Please do it, it will save everyone so much trouble.

I can’t believe that she said such fierce words. No matter how the Eldest Imperial Princess acts, we wouldn’t dare to kill her!

Lunarlark: Mr. Guard please use your brain! Just knock her out!