Shortly after, Piao Xu hurried in and took over for the palace maid; she grumbled as she carried out her duties. “Eldest Imperial Princess, there are even more imperial guards in the repose palace today. There are imperial guards from the Prince Yun Residence, and a few more Imperial Guard Army. They are guarding the repose palace so tightly that even the palace maids that take care of the cleaning couldn’t go out. All meals were sent here by people from the Imperial Kitchen.”


Piao Xu spoke as if Ning Anlian was suffering a great injustice.


Doing this is the same as keeping the Eldest Imperial Princess captive. The question is why are they doing this when the state banquet is already over? It’s clear that they are not doing this because they are concerned for the Eldest Imperial Princess’ health, so could it be because they are afraid that she might do something rash?


Ning Anlian tried to appear calm, but her knitted eyebrows revealed her current mood. She bit into a lotus seed in her mouth and imagined that the lotus seed was Su Xi-er. She wished she could break her and eat her up.


“Eldest Imperial Princess…” Just when Piao Xu began to speak, Ning Anlian waved her hand and dismissed all the palace maids in the repose palace. “Withdraw, all of you. Go and sweep the courtyard. Don’t come into the repose palace without this Princess’ orders. Close the palace door, and tell the imperial guards that this Princess wants to rest properly.”


The palace maids bowed and replied with an affirmative before quickly leaving and closing the door behind them.


Piao Xu didn’t understand. Has the Eldest Imperial Princess really accepted being held captive and decided she would rather stay inside the repose palace?


“When will people from the Imperial Kitchen arrive?” Ning Anlian asked slowly. She had already decided in her heart. Don’t even think about grounding this Princess.


As the Eldest Imperial Princess, how can I keep staying in the repose palace? Besides, this is only the second day of the state banquet. According to the custom, His Majesty and Prince Yun will take all the guests to the Mother River of Nanzhao for sightseeing. There will be a dozen beautiful boats on the river once night falls, each lit up with bright candles. Singing and dancing will echo through the night.


How can I not appear at an event like that!


“They will come around noon.”


Ning Anlian nodded and knocked on the table softly. They will already be on their way to the Mother River by that time.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, what are you preparing to do? Are your wrist and ankle a bit better?” Piao Xu wanted the Eldest Imperial Princess to get out of the repose palace, but also wanted her wrist and ankle to become better. Otherwise, even if she manages to leave the repose palace, her slower than usual steps will attract suspicion at that time. If that happens, Prince Yun will definitely send her back!


“Whatever happens, this Princess will go out today; I can’t remain trapped during such an important time. When that lass from the Imperial Kitchen arrives, knock her out. In the meantime, bring the ginseng slices given by Imperial Physician Fang over; this Princess will keep a slice in the mouth.”


Piao Xu immediately bowed. “Yes.” She then turned around to grab the ginseng.


Just when she brought it over, the sound of an imperial guard from outside the palace could be heard. “Reporting to the Eldest Imperial Princess, Imperial Physician Fang has arrived to check on you. Is it convenient for him to enter?”


Ning Anlian nodded. “Let him come in.”


The palace door was opened, and Imperial Physician Fang entered and set his medical box to the side before bowing. “This humble official pays his respects to the Eldest Imperial Princess.”


“No need to be overly courteous. Come and check this Princess’ injuries quickly, especially the ankle.”


Piao Xu immediately knelt and lifted the hem of Ning Anlian’s dress, showing her ankle.


Imperial Physician Fang walked up and checked it carefully. The swelling has already receded; it is just a bit bruised.


Not bad, after all the treatment yesterday, there are finally some results showing. Imperial Physician Fang nodded in satisfaction. “This humble official will apply acupuncture again before using a medicinal incense and massaging the injury with some medicine. This treatment will be very effective after wrapping the injury with a medicinal pack.”

“How long will it take? Does this Princess still need to walk slowly?” Ning Anlian cared the most about her last question. If I want to leave the repose palace, I will need to sneak out. This will only be possible if I can walk normally.

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