Pei Qianhao couldn’t understand it. Why is the person I am interested in so disobedient?


In his frustration, Pei Qianhao forgot that this was the very reason that Su Xi-er had attracted him in the first place. She was bold and unreserved, always doing the unexpected. She didn’t only mess with others, but even dared to play around with her words in front of him!


Judging by his serious expression, Pei Qianhao definitely looked like he wanted Su Xi-er’s genuine answer. I hadn’t even met him when he set up the Beauty Palace, so how would I know why he did it?


“Guess.” He said one simple word to show that he didn’t have much patience.


“Prince Hao, you are someone who doesn’t keep people for no reason. It can make one happy to just casually glance at those beautiful women. Besides, you have reached that age. This servant heard back at the Palace Side Quarters that many rich families decide on who their sons will marry before they are even of age. It is very normal for you to set up the Beauty Palace, Prince Hao.”


Su Xi-er got a knock on her head. “You have guessed all wrong. When you return to Beimin, you will receive ten whips.”


Pei Qianhao looked at her with a displeased expression. Reached that age… Is she calling me old? I am twenty-five, and she is fifteen. It seems that she is younger than the little Emperor of Nanzhao by a bit...


Doesn’t this immature woman know that a man becomes more charming the older he is?!


Pei Qianhao didn’t like people refuting him. Despite looking like he made flippant decisions, he was a reasonable man. But there are times when he would decide to do something completely because of his own mood.


“While you are staying in Nanzhao, you are not permitted to go to the Emperor of Nanzhao’s place. Come, sleep with this Prince, and I will let you off.”


“This servant is not sleepy.” Su Xi-er struggled free from his grasp as she spoke, still standing there without her pants on.


“Not sleepy? If you keep refuting, then this Prince will take everything off of you.” He paused before adding, “Don’t worry, this Prince won’t do anything. I will just hold you.” After he finished talking, he lifted her and threw her onto the bed without caring about whether she had her pants on.


Su Xi-er managed to push herself up when her back touched the soft quilt, quickly pulling her pants up as well.


What is the difference between sleeping with him and sleeping with a tiger? Besides, he has his own room!


Before she could do anything however, Pei Qianhao grabbed her and held her to his chest, covering the two of them with the thin quilt. “Be good and don’t move; just sleep like this.” He pulled her close after he spoke, taking a deep breath.


Not bad, her whole body smells fresh and fragrant. He closed his eyes after getting comfortable, seemingly falling asleep after several more moments.


But if Su Xi-er so much as moved an arm, he would immediately hold her tightly and prevent her from leaving.


And thus, Su Xi-er was left with no choice but to silently stay in his arms for the night. The two of them didn’t speak a word, and in the end, Su Xi-er didn’t even know when she had fallen asleep. She only remembered the vaguely warm sensation against her back.


The next day, in the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace.


Imperial Physician Fang had treated Ning Anlian yesterday by popping her wrist back in and applying some medicine. He also applied some acupuncture to her ankle and brewed some medicine for her before finally allowing her to rest.


After drinking this morning’s dose of medication, her wrist and ankle were feeling much better. So long as she didn’t make any big movements, there was little to no pain to be found.

Ning Anlian sat on the upper seat with a palace maid on the side feeding her White Fungus and Lotus Seed Soup[1].

1. I have probably posted this before, but here’s an image again to refresh everyone’s memory.

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