Since Su Xi-er’s legs could move again, she took the opportunity to sweep his legs out from under him, then rammed her body into his side to that their positions were reversed. She held tightly onto her clothes with one hand, and used the other to brace herself on Pei Qianhao’s chest.


The situation immediately changed to where Su Xi-er was pressing down on top of him.


Pei Qianhao chuckled. “How bold, you dared to sit on top of this Prince?”


Does he think that I want to do this?! It’s just that I don’t have any other choice!


Su Xi-er gave him a strong hit in the chest with her hand. “Prince Hao, since you like this servant’s room, I will let you sleep in it.” She got up after she finished speaking, rushing to leave the room as soon as possible.


She moved so quickly that it made Pei Qianhao feel like he was some terrifying beast...


How could I be happy when she is openly refuting me!


“Who allowed you to leave? Pei Qianhao immediately got up to chase her. “Be obedient and come sleep with this Prince.”


Su Xi-er was frustrated. What does he mean sleep with him! If I sleep with him, it will be like pushing myself into a tiger’s den.


Pei Qianhao grabbed her closer but saw Su Xi-er glaring at him. Woah, this lass dares to glare at me!


Hence, he pressed her to his chest and stroked her hair. “The Emperor of Nanzhao is just a child. You are not allowed to take more glances at him.”


This time, he didn’t call him a little Emperor. He was trying to take a step back.


Su Xi-er didn’t move and just let him caress her.


That was of course, until Pei Qianhao’s hand started to reach towards some other places.


Su Xi-er immediately said, “This servant doesn’t feel comfortable and is scared of being tickled. Please stop moving your hand.”


“A woman is indeed made of water. This Prince feels comfortable touching.” He didn’t feel like what he said was inappropriate at all.


Su Xi-er looked at his face. “Then touch your own body; it will be just as comfortable.”


He immediately recalled how she had described his skin when she spoke, causing a subtle glint to flicker across his eyes. Continuing to hold her on his chest with one hand, he used the other to take off her pants, and swiftly drop his hand down.


The crisp sound of a smack could be heard.


Su Xi-er’s face darkened. He is punishing me like a child...


At this moment, a light-hearted voice sounded close to her ear. “The skin on your butt is so smooth; it feels so nice to touch it.”


Su Xi-er had seen shameless people, but Pei Qianhao had hit a new standard. Touching? He’s clearly slapping it! Even if he only wanted to touch, I still wouldn’t let him.


It wasn’t clear whether it was the dark night or her anger that gave her the courage, but she directly cursed at Pei Qianhao. “Shameless!”


It was the first time that Pei Qianhao heard someone describing him with that word. Nevertheless, he did nothing to stop the movements of his hand. “This is shameless? Then you should know that men and women can do even more shameless things. Besides, calling a man shameless usually means that that the woman wants him to continue.”


“Prince Hao, you shouldn’t speak about such nonsense. This servant doesn’t know about these ‘usual’ situations, and just thinks that you are shameless.”


Wow, she is talking back to me! Pei Qianhao slapped her butt again. “If this Prince is shameless, I would have long since taken off all your clothes and trapped you against the bed. Who could tell me no?”


Su Xi-er replied directly. “Prince Hao, did you not undress this servant? With all the obedient ladies in the Beauty Palace, why have you not ordered any of them...”


Before she could finish talking, he had already reached out a hand to hold onto her jaw to prevent her from continuing. He stared at her closely. “Why do you think the Beauty Palace exists? Since you are so clever, take a guess.”

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“The skin on your butt is silky and it feels even better to touch it.”

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