Pei Qianhao leaned more of his body onto Su Xi-er, disregarding the fact that she couldn’t possibly hold him up.


This caused her to be unable to raise her leg anymore, preventing her from kicking him.


“This Prince will teach you a lesson tonight. How dare you be so arrogant.” When he finished talking, he lowered his head.


Even in the darkness, he could immediately tell where she was because of the fresh scent she was giving off. He immediately captured her soft pink lips.


Her scent is not bad. For me to give my first kiss, and even continue to kiss her, she’s the only one. This should be a great blessing for her.


Pei Qianhao bit her lips, prompting to Su Xi-er to open her mouth slightly in pain. He immediately took advantage of the opportunity to deepen the kiss, causing his breathing to become ragged.


Su Xi-er realised that she was in danger, and immediately started to bite Pei Qianhao.


But this time, Pei Qianhao grabbed her chin with one hand before pulling away to speak. “This Prince won’t let you succeed this time.”


After he finished talking, he used one hand to hold onto both of her own, and used the other to start undressing her.


He wanted her to understand that it was simple for him to have any woman that he wished. She should feel blessed that she is the one I want. Of course, as a man of principle, I am only interested in her.


Su Xi-er looked at her slightly open clothes, but could only use her mouth to berate Pei Qianhao because her hands and feet were being held down. ”What are you doing?” Her voice was cold and an octave lower; it was similar to Pei Qianhao’s when he was annoyed.


He looked at her, pinched her soft body and chuckled. “What do you think this Prince is doing? Why else would I undress you?” He raised his eyebrows playfully when he spoke.


“You can’t! Withdraw!” Su Xi-er’s voice grew louder as she tried to struggle free.


“So this Prince needs to withdraw because you said so? Does this Prince need to listen to you? If this Prince leaves, will you still go and visit the little Emperor?” A twinge of annoyance hit him when he thought of this, but he didn’t let it show on his face.


Instead, he continued to undress Su Xi-er. He pulled open her upper robe, revealing the corners of the grey Chinese bodice she wore.


Su Xi-er saw that things weren’t going well and immediately said, “Stop, if you continue then I will…” She was so anxious that she even forgot to call herself ‘this servant.’


Pei Qianhao saw the grey Chinese bodice and laughed jocosely. He lowered his face until he was close to her lips and spoke softly. “What will you do?”


“Prince Hao, this servant can’t curse at you or hit you. This servant’s body is weak, and it feels uncomfortable when you are pressing down on this servant.”


Su Xi-er changed tactics. If a hard tactic doesn’t work, I’ll try a soft tactic instead.


“Who said that you have never hit this Prince? After knocking this Prince out the first time we met, and then kicking me in the butt tonight, you dare to say you haven’t hit me? Those aren’t the only times either. You have offended this Prince so many times that being a bit uncomfortable because you’re being pressed down is the least of your worries.”


He closed in like a shark as he spoke, planted a kiss on her collarbone, and even bit her.


Su Xi-er almost cursed at him. Were you born in the year of the dog!


“Besides, this Prince doesn’t see how your body is weak. The strength in your hands is strong.”


Su Xi-er twisted her head and wanted to struggle free. “Women are made of water; it is normal for our bodies to be weak. It is uncomfortable to be pressed down on, and I can’t breathe.”


Pei Qianhao didn’t make things difficult for her this time. He lifted the weight of his body slightly, but didn’t stop the movements of his hand. He was intent on lifting up the Chinese bodice.

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