When he thought of this, his face immediately darkened. “Men reach adulthood at the age of eighteen. Ning Lianchen is only sixteen; if he isn’t a little Emperor, than what is he? Could it be that you are angry at this Prince because you like him?”


He matched her stare after speaking. If she dares to say yes, see whether I will beat her.


Su Xi-er’s gaze turned incredulous. How can he say something like that? 


But the more she thought about it, the more it made sense; after all Pei Qianhao isn’t aware of who I really am.


“He is the Emperor of Nanzhao; he is simply out of this servant’s reach even if I did like him. It’s just that I ended up at the Emperor’s repose palace when I was out strolling.”


Pei Qianhao chuckled. “You ended up there when you were strolling casually? Then after you return to Beimin, you should casually stroll around and end up at this Prince’s place.”


“Prince Hao, what do you mean?” Su Xi-er stared at him directly, her eyes full of seriousness. Finally, she spoke. “Prince Hao, this servant is just that: a maidservant. With how many women like Prince Hao, you should be more careful about who you pick.”


“This Prince should be more careful about who I pick?” Pei Qianhao’s gaze grew frigid as he hooked a hand around Su Xi-er’s waist, carrying her over to the bed.


“You are getting more and more daring. See how this Prince will handle you tonight.” After he finished talking, Pei Qianhao threw Su Xi-er onto the bed and pressed down on her with his tall and large body before she could get up.


His warm breath floated around her ears, cheeks, and nose.


She was very uncomfortable and raised her foot to kick him. Pei Qianhao felt the impact, but continued to hold onto her tightly.


“I have indulged you for a few days, and now you are all arrogant.” Pei Qianhao used one hand to hold both of her hands captive above her head, his eyes alive with a sense of danger.


“If I have become arrogant because of your indulgence, then let me go!” Su Xi-er continued to kick him with both of her legs, putting more strength behind them each time. She continued to mouth off, saying anything she wanted to.


“So you really do like the little Emperor. It is because this Prince indulged you that you are like this. However, this Prince now sees what your type is: a little boy who hasn’t experienced any milestones in life yet.” Disdain glittered in his eyes as he spoke, something that was clearly visible to Su Xi-er.


“Prince Hao, you really do think a lot, even having time to think about love. But who this servant likes is my business.” Su Xi-er stopped kicking him and stared directly at him with a vicious expression.


“Who told you that it is not this Prince’s business? You are this Prince’s maidservant for life, you will need this Prince’s permission if you like someone. You should know this already. Besides, how can you have the time to like other men and think about love when you must use your time to serve your master? Put these thoughts away.” Pei Qianhao’s voice was low and deep, his expression annoyed.


It was the first time that he had ever said something like this. More importantly, it was the first time he had ever used his status as Prince Hao to keep a woman by his side.


“This servant had never thought about love, how can I put it away? Prince Hao, this servant noticed that after you have reached Nanzhao, it is harder and harder to understand your thoughts and words. Maybe it is because you are being a busybody.” After Su Xi-er finished talking, she suddenly raised her leg and kicked Pei Qianhao’s butt.


Having danced for many years, she was still able to utilise some of her previous body’s flexibility after training with this one for some time. Her kick was just like a dance move, and smoothly landed on his butt.

Pei Qianhao didn’t think that she would react this way. I don’t care if she kicks my leg, but now she has completely disregarded me and kicked my butt! She’s totally rebelling!

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