Yun Ruofeng’s face practically had the words ‘I don’t believe you’ written on it. Prince Hao’s repose palace and the Emperor’s repose palace are in completely different directions. Besides, how could she have possibly ‘accidentally’ snuck in with the number of guards around?


Ning Lianchen didn’t say anything to blame her, and instead just continued to stare.


I hid myself from so many palace servants just to sneak in and take one look at Lianchen.


She changed her explanation when she saw that the two were staring at her incredulously. “I didn’t get lost, I was just curious. I was a maidservant at the Palace Side Quarters in Beimin, so I haven’t been able to see much of the world. I had heard that the imperial palace of Nanzhao was very beautiful, so I snuck out when Prince Hao wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t think that I would reach Your Majesty’s repose palace.”


The explanation sounded a bit reasonable, but Yun Ruofeng still didn’t buy it. Glancing back and forth between Ning Lianchen and Su Xi-er, he felt that the latter’s motives weren’t so simple.


“What did you hear?” Yun Ruofeng asked. His voice was slightly low and didn’t show his emotions.


Although Su Xi-er was only a servant, her identity as a Beimin citizen meant that he couldn’t just ignore her.


Su Xi-er knew that he still doubted her, but she kept calm as she replied. “I didn’t hear much. Do you think that I purposely snuck in to eavesdrop? Prince Yun, don’t forget that it was you who invited me to the imperial palace today.”


Of course Yun Ruofeng knew this. I had invited her to dance so that no errors would be made at the state banquet. I didn’t think that Ning Anlian would ruin my plan at the crucial moment.


“Miss Xi-er, as Prince Hao’s maidservant, you should know the rules of the imperial palace. A maidservant is not allowed in the repose palace. Even if you are curious, you should keep it in check. After all, too much curiosity can lead to your death.” Yun Ruofeng’s words seemed to be pertinent. He didn’t seem angry, and instead looked like he was simply trying to teach Su Xi-er how to behave.


However, Su Xi-er just sneered on the inside. Does Yun Ruofeng need to be so high-sounding?


She looked at Yun Ruofeng directly. “Prince Yun, you make such rules sound so nice, but you seem to forget about following them yourself.”


She looked at Ning Lianchen as she talked.


“Prince Yun, as the Prince Regent, you are still an official, and not the Emperor. Although the Emperor of Nanzhao hasn’t reached adulthood yet, there are many things that he can manage by himself. He doesn’t need to be waited upon hand and foot. However, from what I did hear of your conversation, you don’t seem to think so. You held no respect for the emperor of your nation, to the point where it sounded more like an interrogation. Prince Yun, is this your so-called following of rules?”


Su Xi-er’s cold gaze made Yun Ruofeng’s heart skip a beat. He felt strangely uncomfortable, and couldn’t tell why. Although that feeling was brief, it was real.


His eyes narrowed slightly, but the smile on his face remained. The glint of coldness in his eyes, however, did not go unnoticed by Su Xi-er.


Ning Lianchen didn’t think that Prince Hao’s little maidservant would help him at this time. I know Yun Ruofeng’s influence, so I can’t do much apart from irritating him with my words these days.


As for the woman in front of me, the only thing she is relying on is the master behind her. Even with that, she’s just a maidservant, whose status can’t possibly be higher than her master’s. And yet, how can she not be afraid of offending Yun Ruofeng and losing her head?


Su Xi-er’s thoughts weren’t nearly as complicated; she just didn’t want to see Lianchen bullied by Yun Ruofeng, even if she had to offend the latter.


When Yun Ruofeng was ready to answer her, Su Xi-er suddenly spoke first. “Prince Yun, there are some things that only you would know.” She then turned to Ning Lianchen.


“Your Majesty, if I have offended you by intruding on your conversation, please forgive me.”

 Su Xi-er watched Ning Lianchen closely. Her heart was shaking. It took me so long to get so close to Lianchen.

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