“This Emperor represents the royal will, and my words cannot be wrong.You know exactly what Ning Anlian has done. She should have been the one dancing at the banquet, but Prince Yun, you had to find a replacement after she was injured. Moreover, this matter was even exposed. How can it be the fault of this Emperor? Yun Ruofeng, you must bear the responsibility for Nanzhao losing face in front of everyone”


“It is a custom for the Eldest Imperial Princess to dance each year. This Prince didn’t think that an accident was going to happen in the middle of it. This Prince admits that I haven’t handled this matter properly.”


“When the Eldest Imperial Princess’ foot was injured, you shouldn’t have looked for someone to replace her. It was a fraud! Even if the Jinghong dance was cancelled, no one would say anything. This is because there is nobody besides this Emperor’s Imperial Elder Sister who could dance so charmingly. No matter who you chose to replace her, it would’ve been useless! Prince Yun, you should clearly understand who it was that wanted to hurt Nanzhao’s reputation!”


Although Ning Lianchen said that, he couldn’t help but admit to himself that the woman who had danced today was just as good as his Imperial Elder Sister. The only difference is that the woman on stage today was a stranger.


Compared to Ning Lianchen’s rage, Yun Ruofeng’s face was very calm. He maintained his gentle expression, and spoke slowly without rushing or getting angry.


However, this only served to fan the flames in Ning Lianchen’s heart. Yun Ruofeng is good enough at pretending to fool the entire world, but he can’t fool me!


“Your Majesty, this Prince didn’t do everything perfectly. But when you criticised the only Imperial Elder Sister you have left, in front of everyone, how laughable is it? People from other countries will think that the imperial household of Nanzhao isn’t united. Now that every country is getting ready to make trouble, how will everyone look upon Nanzhao?”


“And that is exactly what I am saying you should worry about, Prince Yun. If you didn’t arrange the dance, then maybe nothing would have happened.”


Because they were so busy antagonising each other, they didn’t notice Su Xi-er lurking around in the dark. She had come sneaking in so that she could see Lianchen again, but didn’t think that he would still be getting scolded and threatened so late at night.


She felt her heart wrenched in pain. That is my dearest family.


Although Yun Ruofeng acted gentle and kind, she knew that there was a wolf living in his heart. His heart may be even more vicious than a wolf’s.


Su Xi-er accidentally bumped into a shelf next to her while being lost in her emotions, making a small noise.


“Who is it?” Yun Ruofeng called loudly and stared at the direction where the sound came from.


Ning Lianchen’s face was confused. This is the repose palace; there can’t be anyone else here.


“Who is it?” Yun Ruofeng stood up this time, walking in the direction where the sound had come from.


“Maybe you are hearing things?” Ning Lianchen suggested. He didn’t want Yun Ruofeng casually walking around in his repose palace.


But Yun Ruofeng only spared him a glance before ignoring him.


Just as Su Xi-er felt Yun Ruofeng’s footsteps approaching, she revealed herself.


“It’s you?”


Why is it her?


The first sentence was said by Yun Ruofeng, and the latter was what Ning Lianchen asked in his mind.


Neither of them had imagined that the person would be Su Xi-er.


She laughed and pretended to be awkward. “I walked through the wrong palace door and came here accidentally. I couldn’t come out immediately when I heard the two of you talking, so I could only wait until you were finished.”

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