“Think about the big picture and stop worrying about nonsense.” Yun Ruofeng paused and said, “The Emperor has ordered for you to be grounded. Prince Hao was also present when this statement was made, so just rest inside the repose palace and just treat it as recuperation. When Prince Hao and the other envoys leave, this Prince will let you out, and no one can stop it.”




Ning Anlian’s shocked voice was buried inside the repose palace as Yun Ruofeng left quickly.


Just as she wanted to chase after him, the pain in her ankle stopped her in her tracks.


She furrowed her eyebrows and looked in the direction that Yun Ruofeng walked away in, thinking to herself, Are you really thinking about the big picture?


Yun Ruofeng walked very quickly towards the Emperor’s repose palace.


Outside the Emperor’s repose palace was a eunuch on duty. Most of the candles had already been put out, and it made the palace itself seem a bit dark.


When everyone saw Yun Ruofeng, they immediately bowed to pay their respects.


“Where is His Majesty?” Yun Ruofeng asked.


The old Eunuch Fu took two steps forward and deferentially replied, “His Majesty is just preparing to rest; he isn’t asleep yet.”


“Go and report to His Majesty that this Prince wants to talk to him.”


“Yes, this servant will go now.”


Eunuch Fu was an informant that Yun Ruofeng had planted to watch Ning Lianchen, so of course he listened to Yun Ruofeng obediently.


The eunuch soon came back out with a difficult expression, saying,, “His Majesty said that he is a bit tired today, and wants to rest first. He wants to ask you to return tomorrow, Prince Yun.”


“Tomorrow?” Yun Ruofeng laughed. “This Prince wants to see him today.”


Yun Ruofeng immediately walked straight in without asking anyone to report it!


When Eunuch Fu saw this, he could only watch from the outside.


Ning Lianchen had already guessed that Yun Ruofeng wouldn’t give up easily. He wore his simple inner clothes, but didn’t go to sleep. He instead, stood silently in the repose palace, as if waiting for someone.


“It looks like His Majesty hasn’t rested yet.” His solemn tone showed that he was unhappy that Ning Lianchen had tried to turn him away.


The candles were dim inside the palace, making it impossible to make out Ning Lianchen’s expression as he stood with the light to his back.


Ning Lianchen sneered. “Prince Yun, it’s so late, but you are still not going to rest? How is the Eldest Imperial Princess? Is she unwilling to accept this Emperor’s punishment?”


Yun Ruofeng didn’t want to talk about Ning Anlian. “It has been busy at the state banquet today. This Prince has to resolve some issues before I can go back and rest.”


“Has Prince Yun resolved everything then? Don’t stress too much and get sick.”


“Thank you for your concern, Your Majesty, but it will all be resolved soon. However…” Yun Ruofeng paused as he walked towards the candle and used it to light a match; using that, he lit several other candles that lined the room. It wasn’t long before the entire repose palace was lit up.


Yun Ruofeng sat down next to Ning Lianchen before continuing. “The previous Emperor died early, and left Your Majesty to this Prince. Of course, this Prince must remain loyal to Nanzhao. However, this Prince has realised that I have neglected my duty.”


Ning Lianchen didn’t talk but he knew that Yun Ruofeng was up to no good.


“This Prince didn’t think that when I dedicated everything for Nanzhao that Your Majesty wouldn’t do the same. Your dead Imperial Elder Sister had always spoiled you and pampered you, allowing you to become blind to rules and respect. You have said things that shouldn’t be said. How can this Prince assist you when you are like this?”


“How can you side with other countries against the Eldest Imperial Princess at the state banquet? Even if the Eldest Imperial Princess wasn’t acting properly, you can tell this Prince. How can you be an emperor if you nitpick in front of everyone and let them laugh at us? All of this is because your Imperial Elder Sister spoiled you. Are you still unrepentant now that she has died because of her crimes?”


“Yun Ruofeng, don’t talk to this Emperor about my Imperial Sister. She is not someone you can mention. You don’t have the right!” Ning Lianchen suddenly jumped up as if someone had stepped on his tail.

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