She had originally believed Yun Ruofeng, but when she thought of how he treated Su Xi-er differently, it made her nervous.


She held Yun Ruofeng tightly with desire on her face. “If you still love me, then kiss me; kiss me fiercely.”


Yun Ruofeng looked at Ning Anlian’s face as she moved closer to him. “Anlian.”


Ning Anlian was annoyed that he was hesitating. In the end, it wasn’t that he kissed her, but that she had pushed herself towards him.


Their lips were tightly pressed together without any gap in between, yet Ning Anlian held tightly onto Yun Ruofeng’s neck, trying to make the kiss even deeper.


Yun Ruofeng was too startled to resist, and just ended up standing there motionlessly. His lips and teeth were pried open by Ning Anlian, who continuously tried to push her tongue into his mouth.


Yun Ruofeng wasn’t sure why, but he found that it wasn’t Ning Anlian in his head. Instead, his head was filled with images of Su Xi-er’s elegant dance moves, her graceful figure, her goddess like appearance, and the fairy-like atmosphere when she was on the stage.


He suddenly pushed Ning Anlian away.


Ning Anlian wasn’t ready for his push, and ended up tipping backwards. Although she was able to prop herself up on a nearby table, she was also forced to use the hand that had just been treated.


She stared at Yun Ruofeng closely, as if she couldn’t believe that he would push her away. “My wrist and ankle are injured, but you would push me like that?”


I was trying to deepen the kiss, but he pushed me away… 


Ning Anlian didn’t understand what was wrong with Yun Ruofeng, but she knew it couldn’t be something good.


Only when Yun Ruofeng had already pushed Ning Anlian away did he realise what he just did. His gaze met hers as he walked up and held her hand.


Their eyes stared at each other. Yun Ruofeng was gentle and elegant. “Did Imperial Physician Fang pop your wrist back in? Does it still hurt?”


Ning Anlian shook her head. “It didn’t hurt before, but it still hurts now since I just bumped it.”


“This Prince didn’t do it on purpose, it’s just that…” Yun Ruofeng wanted to continue but stopped.


“Just what?”


“Both your ankle and wrist are injured right now. This Prince is scared… that I cannot control myself and will injure you.”


An excited expression flickered across Ning Anlian’s face when she heard this. “That won’t happen.”


Even if others couldn’t understand it, how could she not know what Yun Ruofeng was talking about. It has been a long time since we’ve slept together.


Yun Ruofeng didn’t want to continue this topic. “It’s not the time to talk about this right now. This Prince must go and check on His Majesty; his behaviour was a bit unusual today.”


“Can’t you go tomorrow?” Ning Anlian’s was showing a wronged expression again as she begged, “You haven’t accompanied me for a long time, so can you stay with me tonight? I really miss you.”


“Anlian, now is not the time. I must manage something at His Majesty’s place. Otherwise, there will be big trouble in the future that will affect both of us.” Yun Ruofeng said seriously and struggled free of her hand.




“No buts. This Prince will leave first, and you should rest properly for tonight. However, you should keep in mind to not mess with that woman. As you’ve seen tonight, you are no match for her.”




Yun Ruofeng turned on his heel before Ning Anlian could finish talking.


“Feng, are you that impatient?” When Yun Ruofeng walked near the door, Ning Anlian chased after him and asked.


He paused his footsteps, but didn’t turn around. “Don’t think too much. I said all of this for your benefit, so don’t be angry.”


“How can I not be angry? You are always going from hot to cold around me for no reason.” Ning Anlian replied.

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