“This Princess understands.”


“Eldest Imperial Princess, this humble official will apply acupuncture to your ankle again.” Imperial Physician Fang started to treat her ankle.


Ning Anlian also wanted to get better soon, so she put away her depressed expression and let Imperial Physician Fang treat her.


After an hour, the acupuncture treatment had finished. Imperial Physician Fang packed his things before bowing to pay his respects and leaving.


Just when Imperial Physician Fang walked to the door, he heard people calling out “Respects to Prince Yun.” Imperial Physician Fang gave a meaningful look back at Ning Anlian, only to see that she had already gotten up and headed towards the inner chamber, hidden behind a beaded curtain.


Yun Ruofeng saw Imperial Physician Fang as he walked in and stopped him to ask about the Eldest Imperial Princess’ condition. It was only when he heard that her wrist had been popped back in that he let Imperial Physician Fang leave.


Before Ning Anlian could settle herself in the room, Yun Ruofeng had already arrived. When he saw Ning Anlian, he advised, “Eldest Imperial Princess, it is better for you to sit since your ankle is still injured.”


Ning Anlian had a belly full of anger. Yun Ruofeng didn’t help me earlier, and now he still mentioned my ankle.


“This Princess knows; I don’t need your reminder, Prince Yun!” Her tone was annoyed, and her expression had darkened.


Yun Ruofeng was also annoyed. I just lost face in front of Pei Qianhao. However, when he saw Ning Anlian like that, he put away his displeasure and maintained his usual gentle expression.


He walked up and comforted her. “Anlian, I know that you have been wronged tonight…”


“If you know this, then why didn’t you help me? All of those people have been bullying me.” Ning Anlian interrupted him with tears and a wronged expression.


She really wanted him to be the first one to stand up and protect her when she was in trouble, so that she wouldn’t be harmed at all. But no, he sided with other people and said bad things about me!


Yun Ruofeng cleared his throat before speaking. “I was forced by the situation. If this Prince had helped you during the state banquet, it would have implied that I only listen to you. If the officials of other nations saw this, this Prince wouldn't be able to gain their respect. I hope you can understand this.”


After being pacified by him, much of Ning Anlian’s anger dissipated.


“Really?” Ning Anlian asked doubtfully.


She suddenly used both hands to grab Yun Ruofeng’s tightly. Although he initially tried to struggle free, he stopped moving after a brief moment.


All of the palace servants had already left with Piao Xu, leaving just the two of them in the room.


Yun Ruofeng nodded and looked at Ning Anlian with a smile. “When did this Prince ever lie to you?”


“You have.” Ning Anlian answered directly.




When Ning Anlian saw Yun Ruofeng’s gentle smile and warm eyes, she immediately started to be coquettish. “If I say that you have, then you have. Feng, I thought that you didn’t love me anymore; do you know how worried I am about that?”


A strange glint flickered across Yun Ruofeng’s eyes before he returned to normal. His expression was still warm as he smiled and asked, “Really? Silly, why would you think that? Put your worries away; this Prince will promise you the future.”




“This Prince won’t lie to you.”


When Ning Anlian heard this, she was immediately elated like she had just eaten some honey. I knew that Feng still loves me. He will do anything for me.


Everyone thought that he loved Ning Rulan back then, but that is not true. I have him now, and I will be happy forever!


However, she couldn’t help but think of Su Xi-er.


The words ‘Su Xi-er’ were like poisonous thorns that stabbed her heart and made her extremely uncomfortable.

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Sangria

TLC: Rakumon


I knew that Feng still loves me. He will do anything for me. 

Sangria: Smh, Ning Anlian is like a 13 year old girl. 

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