When Ning Anlian heard this, she took a breath and sat down on the soft couch before looking sideways at Piao Xu. “Get up and talk.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“Ask people to tidy things up. This Princess gets angry just looking at them.”


“This servant will ask people to tidy it up immediately. Your Highness, please take a rest.”


Piao Xu didn’t dare to be slow, and immediately called a few palace maids in. Before long, the shattered porcelain was cleaned up, leaving the repose palace spotless once again.


Once Piao Xu saw that Ning Anlian had calmed down a lot, she couldn’t help but ask. “Eldest Imperial Princess, who made you angry at the state banquet? Was it a Prince or ambassador from another country? Or was it…”


Piao Xu thought about it and felt that it was impossible. This is Nanzhao’s state banquet, and even if the relationship between our countries aren’t the best, they would still mind their own business. Nobody would try to make things difficult for Her Highness at the state banquet.


Even if someone did try to make things difficult for her, this is Nanzhao. Apart from Prince Yun, nobody else can do anything to the Princess. If that’s the case, who could have offended her?


Piao Xu couldn’t figure it out. Ning Anlian’s face, however, only grew darker when this subject was brought up; she even grabbed the edge of the table as tightly as she could, as if she wanted to break it into pieces.


She gritted her teeth and spitefully said, “It was that bitch Su Xi-er!”


If it wasn’t for Su Xi-er, how could I have been in such a sorry state!


Su Xi-er injured me so that I couldn’t dance. I was mocked and ridiculed by everyone, turning me into a laughing stock. Chu Linglong in particular, continued to interrogate and mock me!


Everything was because of Su Xi-er. She kicked my ankle, injured my wrist, and turned me into a laughingstock at the state banquet!


Looking at her wrist trembling in pain, Ning Anlian shouted to the palace maids outside angrily. “When will Imperial Physician Fang arrive? Do you all want to bully this Princess because you saw that I failed today?” 


One hand hurt from having her wrist dislocated by Su Xi-er, while the other hurt from randomly smashing everything around earlier.


Piao Xu immediately comforted her. “Imperial Physician Fang will arrive soon. Don’t worry, Your Highness.”


When Piao Xu saw Ning Anlian’s dislocated wrist, she wondered. Was this also done by Su Xi-er?


Although Piao Xu had some doubts, she didn’t dare to ask. She knew what kind of temper the Eldest Imperial Princess had.


Shortly after, Imperial Physician Fang arrived. He wanted to ask how she had injured her wrist so soon after injuring her ankle. After seeing her expression though, he thought better of it, fearing that he would lose his head if he even tried.


Luckily her wrist is only dislocated; it would’ve taken at least a month or two to recover if it was fractured.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, it may hurt a bit when I pop it back in; please bear with it for a while.”




Imperial Physician Fang used the gentlest method to pop Ning Anlian’s wrist back in, but it still made her shriek loudly in pain.


Ning Anlian wanted to yell at him because it was painful, but how could she do so when she couldn’t muster the strength to do anything?


Imperial Physician Fang saw the murderous look on her face and let go of her hand immediately. “Please check and see if it can move.”


Ning Anlian turned her wrist obediently. Indeed, it doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s just numb now.


Before Ning Anlian could ask, Imperial Physician Fang explained, “Your wrist was dislocated. Now that it has been popped back in, there shouldn’t be an issue as long as you refrain from carrying anything heavy for the next few days.”

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“Ask people to tidy things up. This Princess gets angry just looking at them.”

Rakumon: Umm, maybe you shouldn’t be making a mess in the first place then...