If he considered the relationship between the two countries, what else could Yun Ruofeng have said? It was just lucky that Ning Anlian had already left, otherwise her blood would’ve boiled over.


Pei Qianhao didn’t say anything else, waving his hand to signal Su Xi-er to come along. "It's late now, we should head back to rest."


Hearing his words, Ning Lianchen immediately answered. "Prince Hao must be tired, and there is a long way from here to the posthouse. Why not rest in the palace for the night, and allow this Emperor to do the honours of a host?"


Pei Qianhao was about to reject but Su Xi-er beat him to the punch. "Of course, Nanzhao's palace is so beautiful, and there are many sceneries that we have yet to appreciate. Is that right, Prince Hao?"


Looking at Su Xi-er’s hopeful expression that practically screamed ‘say yes,’ Pei Qianhao swallowed the words in his throat. "Well said. Then we shall reside in the imperial palace for the night."


"Someone, lead Prince Hao to Zither Heart Palace to turn in for the night."


A eunuch on the side immediately came to carry out the order. 


After the eunuch had led Prince Hao and Su Xi-er away, only Yun Ruofeng, Ning Lianchen, and the palace servants at a distance were left on the palace path.


Yun Ruofeng was startled by Ning Lianchen's actions tonight. He never thought that the puppet who had been firmly under his thumb would suddenly start behaving like an actual emperor.


Despite this, he couldn’t say anything while they were surrounded by so many people. He then thought of Ning Anlian in her repose palace and spoke. "Your Majesty, if there isn't anything else, this Prince shall take his leave."


"You may leave. You always have a reason for your actions, you don't have to notify this Emperor especially, Prince Yun. " There was an underlying meaning in Ning Lianchen's words, but it still sounded deferential on the surface.


Yun Ruofeng furrowed his brows before regaining his composure, then turning on his heel to leave.


Watching Yun Ruofeng's silhouette disappearing in the distance, Ning Lianchen came back to his senses. I have been a little abnormal today. I wonder what Yun Ruofeng thinks of it.


He had constantly had a nagging feeling about Su Xi-er, but couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was.


Meanwhile, the Eldest Imperial Princess’ Repose Palace


Piao Xu had seen Ning Anlian approaching, and had wanted to tell the latter that she had failed in stopping Su Xi-er. Before she could say anything, however, Ning Anlian had already entered the room and started throwing things.


Clang! Bang! The cacophony of things breaking rang forth endlessly. Piao Xu observed the Eldest Imperial Princess' extremely dark expression, but had no idea what grievances had the Eldest Imperial Princess experienced outside.


"Your Highness, please stop." Piao Xu wanted to stop her when a flower vase smashed into pieces right beside her foot. After experiencing the teacup smashing against her head previously, she was naturally fearful.


When she was just about done thrashing around, Ning Anlian shot a piercing gaze at Piao Xu and questioned, "Piao Xu, did you forget the orders of this Princess?"


Piao Xu shivered in fear, and could only go forward to receive her punishment. "May the Eldest Imperial Princess pardon this servant. This servant didn't think that Su Xi-er would be so ruthless. This servant could not subdue her, and allowed her to slip out of the repose palace."


"Trash, a bunch of useless trash! What use does this Princess have for you?!"


Having said that, Ning Anlian grabbed a tiny cup off the table and aimed it at Piao Xu. Luckily, the cup didn't hit Piao Xu, but frightened her into a cold sweat.


Piao Xu was on her knees and didn't dare to get up. "This servant is useless, and has no complaints if Your Highness wants to punish me. However, the imperial physician has advised you to keep your internal fire in check, not to get worked up, and to nurse your health if you want to bear Prince Yun’s child. Eldest Imperial Princess, you must take care of your health."


Piao Xu meant it sincerely. She understood what kind of master she was serving, and knew she had no other way out. She could only think for her master and offer her advice. The servant would only be well when the master was well.

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