Having heard Yun Ruofeng's words, Ning Anlian could feel that the weight on her chest alleviating. In the end, she shot a malicious glare at Su Xi-er before she turned and left.


Su Xi-er was not affected, only gently smiling as she watched Ning Anlian leaving in distress.


Today was just a little lesson for Ning Anlian. She will have more to deal with in the future.


Ning Lianchen began to speak after Ning Anlian had disappeared. "The Eldest Imperial Princess' impertinency is what led to today’s incident. May Prince Hao not take this to heart."


Yun Ruofeng didn't expect Ning Lianchen would be the first to speak, and although he had his reservations, he also apologised to Pei Qianhao. "The Eldest Imperial Princess might have drunk too much at the banquet, leaving her unable to control herself very well."


Before Yun Ruofeng could complete his sentence, Su Xi-er snickered and interrupted him. "Even then, for her to pick such a time to lose control... Without an empress around, the Eldest Imperial Princess is the representative figure of the nation. After behaving in such a rude way, don't you think that the Eldest Imperial Princess is shaming Nanzhao itself? How could she be trusted to take on serious responsibilities moving forward?"


Yun Ruofeng's expression became unsightly when he heard Su Xi-er’s words. She was implying that Ning Anlian was not deserving of the title of Eldest Imperial Princess, and the one who had pushed her into the position was none other than Yun Ruofeng himself!


Without waiting for Yun Ruofeng to retort, Pei Qianhao joined in. "How can the Eldest Imperial Princess flare up at whim if she is to represent the nation? Her personality is really unpleasant. If Beimin had an Eldest Imperial Princess, she would definitely be much better than this."


Pei Qianhao even chuckled before continuing. "The previous Eldest Imperial Princess could lead an army and fight wars for her nation. The way she carried herself was much better than the current Eldest Imperial Princess."


Yun Ruofeng was momentarily stunned. What is he trying to prove by bringing up Ning Rulan at this time?


Su Xi-er stared hard at Yun Ruofeng's countenance. The Eldest Imperial Princess that he raised up is such a failure!


Ning Lianchen kept observing Su Xi-er. For some mysterious reason, he could sense the aura of his Imperial Elder Sister on this young woman. It made him feel like he was grasping at the air, trying to grab something that felt real but wasn’t tangible.


What he did know, however, was that he wholeheartedly agreed with Su Xi-er’s words. In this world, only Imperial Elder Sister is deserving of being the Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao!


This was supposedly a time of silent conflict between both nations, but Ning Lianchen didn’t deny his guests’ statements. In fact, he opened his mouth to agree. "No one can match up with the previous Eldest Imperial Princess. This Emperor will be sure to punish the current Eldest Imperial Princess for her transgressions, but the relationship between our countries shouldn’t be affected by such petty misdeeds. What do you think, Prince Hao?"


"Of course." Pei Qianhao nodded before he continued. "The relationship between Nanzhao and Beimin will not be affected by today’s incident. It’s just that the Eldest Imperial Princess' actions…"


Pei Qianhao paused intentionally.


"This Emperor will ground the Eldest Imperial Princess as apology." Ning Lianchen responded swiftly, not allowing Yun Ruofeng the slightest chance to speak.


He then turned towards Yun Ruofeng and asked, "Prince Yun, do you agree with this Emperor’s arrangements?"


Having the conversation suddenly thrust at him, Yun Ruofeng had no choice but to answer.


Though he was able to occasionally disregard Ning Lianchen’s orders because of his age, the latter’s authority as the Emperor couldn’t be ignored. This was especially the case when they were standing before the Prince Regent of Beimin.


Hence, he could only nod his head in agreement. "The Eldest Imperial Princess has really conducted herself inappropriately. Miss Xi-er was invited by this Prince to dance, but had to suffer the malicious verbal abuse of the Eldest Imperial Princess. This Prince is really apologetic. Your Majesty is correct to deal out such a punishment."

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