Thus, Ning Anlian made use of her words to retort. "You are just a maidservant who knows how to dance on top of having a beautiful appearance. Looking down on Nanzhao's things, do you look down on Nanzhao too? Does Prince Hao not know how to discipline a pompous maidservant? If she was in Nanzhao, someone like this would’ve long been beaten to death for using her master’s name to oppress others."


She then turned to Pei Qianhao, her gaze one of blame.


But how could Pei Qianhao agree with what she said? He chuckled. "It was under the careful discipline of this Prince that she became like this. What, are you dissatisfied with how this Prince disciplines my people?"


Seeing the change in Ning Anlian's expression, Pei Qianhao continued, "How this Prince manages my people is up to me, and not something you should concern yourself with. If you are useless enough to not be able to retaliate when someone hits you, who can you blame that on?"


His voice was composed and arrogant. The pompous gaze that he used to look down on everyone even held a tinge of contempt for Ning Anlian.


Immediately, Ning Anlian felt that Su Xi-er’s arrogance was mostly learnt from Pei Qianhao. Indeed, like owner, like servant!


At the same time, she couldn’t afford to offend someone of Pei Qianhao’s stature. Knowing this, her gaze shifted to Yun Ruofeng, signalling for him to say something. This was Nanzhao, yet the Prince Regent of a foreign nation was acting so arrogantly.


But Yun Ruofeng's response disappointed Ning Anlian. He ordered Qin Ling, "Escort the Eldest Imperial Princess back to her repose palace. Get Imperial Physician Fang to diagnose her injury immediately."


Qin Ling bowed and acknowledged the order before turning to Ning Anlian and making a gesture. "Eldest Imperial Princess, please head back to your repose palace; the treatment of your injury can’t be delayed."


Ning Anlian bit down on her lips. She wanted to say something, but couldn't form a single word. Pei Qianhao is so protective of his maidservant, but why is Yun Ruofeng not speaking up for me at all?


She felt wronged, and her heart was overflowing with bitterness.


Just then, Ning Lianchen spoke up. "This Emperor can see that Elder Imperial Sister's injury is rather serious, and will take more than just a day or two to recover. With how impetuous Eldest Imperial Sister can be, why don’t we have an imperial guard watch over her to make sure that she stays in her repose palace until she recovers?”


It sounded nice on the surface, but the hidden meaning was clear. Ning Anlian is to be grounded!


Su Xi-er immediately followed up, not allowing Ning Anlian to get a word in edgewise. "Her injury would only get worse if she doesn’t take care of it properly. Eldest Imperial Princess, it's better to take care of one's own body."


Yun Ruofeng narrowed his eyes. Although Su Xi-er had always been an enigma, he felt more strongly than ever that she was different than the rest. Every sentence of hers was targeted at Ning Anlian. The only logical explanation is that there is some hatred between them.


And yet, Yun Ruofeng couldn’t make heads or tails of why Su Xi-er would hate a woman she had supposedly never met before this trip to Nanzhao.


Ning Anlian nearly growled. “Don’t even think of grounding this Princess!” She directly stared at Ning Lianchen, disregarding his identity as the Emperor of Nanzhao.


Since she didn't want to heed his nice words, Ning Lianchen could only make things brutally clear. "This Emperor orders you to stay in your repose palace; do you dare to not heed my orders?"


He directly suppressed her with his identity as the Emperor. In front of a guest like Pei Qianhao, Ning Anlian was forced to give him the respect befitting his position.


Adding fuel to the fire, Pei Qianhao voiced out. "This is the first time this Prince has seen someone disobey the words of the Emperor."


Ning Anlian refused to give in, and was about to speak when she was stopped by Yun Ruofeng. "Does Prince Hao heeds the words of the little Emperor of Beimin?"


"He is not as old as the Emperor of Nanzhao, and hasn't reached the age where he can try to sign court memorials. This Prince, of course, wouldn't heed his words."


Su Xi-er followed. "Prince Yun, you can disobey the Emperor's words, but the Eldest Imperial Princess doesn’t have that luxury."


Ning Lianchen once again felt that she was different. She is defending me, and Prince Hao as well.


A smile formed on Yun Ruofeng's face. "Such seriousness is unbefitting of today's lively atmosphere. Qin Ling, take the Eldest Imperial Princess back to her repose palace. This Prince will head over once I am done playing host to Prince Hao."


He had decided to appease Ning Anlian by accompanying her tonight.

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Pei Qianhao is so protective of his maidservant, but why is Yun Ruofeng not speaking up for me at all?

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She is defending me, and Prince Hao as well.

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