Ning Anlian supported herself with her untwisted hand and slowly stood up with the help of the palace maid. Her hair was a mess, and her hair ornament was about to fall off.


"Why aren't you wearing your hair ornament properly, Eldest Imperial Princess? It's so loose. It must have fallen out once at the state banquet, right?"


Ning Anlian stared at the venomous mouth that continued to move; she wanted to rip out its owner’s tongue so that she could no longer speak! She hated how everything had been exposed, and with dead-centre accuracy at that.


"Su Xi-er, you are disrespectful and have injured this Princess. Do you think you can leave this imperial palace easily if you don't beg for mercy right now?"


"Many thanks to the Eldest Imperial Princess' kindness for wanting me to stay in the imperial palace as a guest." Su Xi-er deliberately misinterpreted Ning Anlian's words with a smile still plastered on her face.


No matter how serious the situation, Su Xi-er would always be calm and smiling. Only when she wanted to would she reveal her ferociousness that could make others afraid to mess with her.


It reminded Ning Anlian of someone - Ning Rulan. In some ways, Su Xi-er was very similar to Ning Rulan. Realising this, a surge of anger burst forth from the bottom of her heart.


Her body was trembling out of fury. At last, she lifted her hand and pointed at Su Xi-er. "You bitch! You should die. Die now!"


"It's sure hard to live in this world." Su Xi-er chuckled before her tone went cold. "I heard that only those with a guilty conscience would have a non-blissful life, and a non-complete family."


"You are the one with a guilty conscience. This Princess has a clear conscience." Ning Anlian was so furious that her body was trembling. When did I do something deserving of this?! Ning Rulan asked for it herself. Her death is not regretful. She was forever stealing the show, and she even intervened in court affairs! 


Just then, Qin Ling, who was patrolling the palace with the imperial guards, passed by. Overhearing the argument ahead, he ordered the other guards to patrol the other side of the imperial palace.


Seeing Qin Ling, Ning Anlian couldn't be bothered with the pain in her wrist and ankle and immediately ordered. "You came at the right time. Arrest this bitch! Punish her with the plank 20 times!"


Qin Ling first bowed and greeted her. "Eldest Imperial Princess, please return to your repose palace first; Imperial Physician Fang is on the way. The state banquet is ending soon, and you should…"


"Are you deaf? This Princess orders you to arrest this bitch!" Ning Anlian raised her voice by a notch and emphasised the word ‘bitch’.


Seeing that Ning Anlian's fury was unresolvable, Qin Ling could only turn and speak to Su Xi-er. "Miss, please leave this place immediately. Prince Yun will have a horse carriage ready to send you back to the posthouse later."


Hearing this, Ning Anlian was even more displeased. "She is Prince's Hao maidservant, why does Prince Yun have to concern himself with her? Moreover, she offended this Princess, while also breaking this Princess' wrist!"


As if to emphasise what she said, Ning Anlian’s wrist suddenly throbbed with pain, prompting another sharp breath from her.


Only then did Qin Ling notice her wrist. Hence, he immediately replied, "There's no time to lose. May the Eldest Imperial Princess return to your repose palace immediately for Imperial Physician Fang to make a diagnosis."


"Arrest this bitch!" Ning Anlian held in the pain and gritted her teeth. I must teach Su Xi-er a lesson today!


Su Xi-er replied. "You called me a siren before, and a bitch now. But since I was representing the Eldest Imperial Princess on the stage during the dance, does that mean you are calling yourself a bitch?"


She sure has a glib tongue!


Ning Anlian couldn't win against her in a war of words, and Qin Ling couldn’t arrest her either!


"You watch out! What you did to this Princess, this Princess will pay it back!" Her resounding voice was overflowing with spite.


Yet, at this moment, a low manly voice sounded forth. "This is how the Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao treats guests? How has this Prince's maidservant offended you, and how do you intend to pay it back? Tell this Prince about it, won't you?"


A shudder went down Ning Anlian's spine when she heard the voice. Turning around she saw but three men coming up the pathway. Pei Qianhao, Yun Ruofeng, and Ning Lianchen.

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