Su Xi-er didn't give Ning Anlian the opportunity to talk, fixing the other with a fierce stare as she approached. Her gaze was dark and endless, instilling an indescribable fear within those who were watching.


The palace maid had already retreated to the side out of fear due to Su Xi-er's aura, her legs trembling as she tried to support herself. Why is this woman staring at the Eldest Imperial Princess in such a manner? Does she have a grudge against her?


Su Xi-er put on a smiling countenance, the corners of her lips rose into a smile, and her eyes curved like the crescent moon. "Eldest Imperial Princess, are you very angry? You said that I purposely planned to take your place in the dance, but remember this: The only reason I’m here is because of Prince Yun begging me. Despite this, you’re calling me a siren instead of being grateful."


Having said that, Su Xi-er abruptly lifted her hands and grabbed hold of Ning Anlian's. The latter started to struggle even before Su Xi-er had used any strength. "What are you trying to do? How dare a lowly maidservant try to be arrogant in front of nobility like this Princess!"


"Didn't you call me a siren? I shall let you see what a real siren is." Su Xi-er was smiling, but her gaze was cold and ruthless. The palace maid at the side was so shaken that she forgot to go forward to save Ning Anlian, only watching her being subdued by Su Xi-er.


Malevolence was clear in Ning Anlian's eyes. If my ankle wasn't injured, I wouldn't be subdued that easily. "You, let go of this Princess!"


"I have heard this statement many times. I will let you go soon enough." A sly smile appeared on Su Xi-er face, and she turned her wrist while applying force.


Crack. Ning Anlian let out a shrill cry.


At this moment, the celebration in the atrium had already entered another climax, with the sounds of string and woodwind instruments flowing into the guests’ ears. The overflowing echoes of this music served as the background to Ning Anlian’s shrieks.


Ning Anlian could only feel that she had no strength in her hand, and that her wrist was suddenly in so much pain that she could only sink down to the ground when Su Xi-er let go.


The action of kneeling down just happened to put stress on her ankle, sending yet another shot of pain up her leg as she sucked in a sharp breath, a cold sweat suddenly covering her forehead.


"This is worthy of being called a siren, don't you think so, Eldest Imperial Princess?" Su Xi-er squatted down, her eyes staring straight at Ning Anlian as she enunciated her words calmly.


"You... This Princess won’t let you off." Ning Anlian bore the pain and swore through her gritted teeth.


"You wish to teach me a lesson? Let's talk about it after your wrist and ankle have recovered." After saying that, Su Xi-er suddenly leaned close to Ning Anlian's ears and whispered a few words.


Ning Anlian’s expression changed several times, from bewilderment, to terror, then to inconceivable confusion.


How, how could she know! Only I, Yun Ruofeng, and Imperial Physician Fang know of this... No. There's another person, and that would be Ning Lianchen.


But no matter what, there's no way Su Xi-er could know!


Su Xi-er stood up and took a glance at the full moon in the sky. "A family can only be complete (full) with a husband and a child. But from what I see, the Eldest Imperial Princess can forget about having a complete family in this lifetime.


Every word was like a dagger stabbing at Ning Anlian's heart, rendering her immobile as she knelt on the ground.


Su Xi-er looked to the palace maid by the side. "Quickly, help the Eldest Imperial Princess up. Her body’s condition will get even worse if she sits on the ground like that. At that time…"


With a quiver, Ning Anlian came to her senses and pointed a finger at Su Xi-er. "You jinx, this Princess forbids you from spouting nonsense."


"Eldest Imperial Princess, you should know better than anyone if I’m spouting nonsense or not."

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