Chu Linglong’s implication was clear as day without him needing to say another word: There was no way that Ning Anlian had performed the Jinghong dance with such an injury!


Yun Ruofeng could hardly maintain his amicable expression, but still managed to respond when seeing that Ning Anlian was finally able to move a bit more naturally. “The Eldest Imperial Princess had tired herself out practising the Jinghong Dance day and night, even injuring her ankle in the process. Luckily, everyone was still able to see the Jinghong dance. However, this Prince also feels that the Eldest Imperial Princess needs to practise a bit more to get it perfectly. We apologise for letting everyone see a joke.”


Ning Anlian managed to push herself up with the help of one of the support columns and nodded in Yun Ruofeng's direction. "As per Prince Yun's words, this Princess will practise diligently in hopes of presenting an even better Jinghong dance to everyone in the future."


Chu Linglong sneered. "This Crown Prince shall look forward to it."


Ning Anlian and Yun Ruofeng had somehow managed to ‘successfully’ cover up the monstrous lie. Although everyone knew that it wasn’t the truth, nobody would push any further either.


Pei Qianhao's smile deepened as he watched the two frantically covering their tracks.


All of a sudden, the memories of Su Xi-er's dance surfaced in his mind. Her gaze was so coquettish, so beautiful.


I wonder if my men have sent her back to the posthouse.


Before he could wipe the smile off his face, the imperial guard that he had sent out returned and started whispering in his ear. "Prince Hao, Su Xi-er said that it's not an easy feat to enter the palace, and doesn't wish to head back first."


The imperial guard felt that Su Xi-er was too gutsy. She even dares to disobey Prince Hao's orders. Is she really climbing up the ladder and becoming the mistress? Just based on Prince Hao’s willingness to indulge her, that would seem to be the case. 


Pei Qianhao's smile remained on his face as he replied so that only the two of them could hear. "Let her be. Call her back when we are leaving."


"Understood." He knew this would be the outcome. Prince Hao won’t punish Su Xi-er.


But what the imperial guard didn't know was that Pei Qianhao was actually already thinking about how to punish Su Xi-er. This disobedient lass, I must teach her a good lesson when we return to the posthouse.


With that in mind, his attention turned back to the crowd. No matter how much of a fool Ning Anlian made of herself, it was Nanzhao’s problem in the end. Everyone else just treated it as a show; as long as it was entertaining for them, nobody cared about Ning Anlian’s fury.


No matter how much her blood boiled and how much she wanted to vent her anger, Ning Anlian could only suppress her raging fury and allow others to comment about her.


Ning Anlian's ankle was actually very painful, but to sell the lie, she could only continue to sit in place.


Yun Ruofeng was afraid that she would make a mistake again and stood up before saying. "Eldest Imperial Princess, if you aren’t feeling well tonight, why don’t you return to your repose palace first to rest?"


Although he phrased it as a question, Yun Ruofeng’s words were undoubtedly an order.


Ning Anlian was furious. Is he afraid that I will make a fool of myself? Do I embarrass him that much? He talks about loving me all day long, but now he’s trying to stop me from troubling him instead of helping me.


Ning Anlian could feel the expanding fury in her chest as though it was about to explode. She wanted to flare up at Yun Ruofeng and ask him what he wanted. Do you still want to marry me? Do you even love me anymore?


But with so many people around, including the vicious Chu Linglong, Ning Anlian had no choice but to suppress her overflowing anger and put a fake smile on. "This Princess is not feeling well, and will return to my repose palace first. Everyone, please have fun, drink more, and enjoy yourself to the fullest."

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