Hong Li was afraid of staying in the woodhouse for too long, but when she saw Su Xi-er’s carefree and unfettered appearance, her mood was also affected. It seems like the rumours about the woodhouse are unfounded and it isn’t any forbidden death zone either. 


Approximately an hour later, Old Maidservant Zhao’s tall and thin figure finally appeared, a ghastly expression on her face.


Old Maidservant Zhao was feeling very complicated. Last night, Liu Ye-er ran out and was discovered by Su Xi-er.


If by any chance Su Xi-er uses this matter to blackmail me, it would be grim.


As for Liu Ye-er...there’s no choice. I can only think of ways to protect her.


I have kept her well hidden away for so many years. Even the palace maids who knew that Liu Ye-er was alive have all died.


“Old Maidservant Zhao, your complexion doesn’t look too good. Do you want to ask the Imperial Physician Institute to write a prescription for you?” Su Xi-er dusted her clothes and stood up, her face wreathed in smiles.


“It’s not easy to get medicine from the Imperial Physician Institute. Every old maidservant is restricted to a set portion of medicinal herbs. You on the other hand, not only is there the smell of chamber pots on you, there is also the smell of medicinal herbs. Don’t tell me that you left the Palace Side Quarters behind my back and went to steal medicinal herbs?” Old Maidservant Zhao was glancing at her wrist.


“Is it very strange? I have told you previously that I have a backer. Do you wish to know who gave this medicinal powder to me?” Su Xi-er raised her eyebrows and showed a resplendent smile. 


Old Maidservant Zhao’s expression changed. Someone who could grind the medicinal herbs into powder… and so finely at that, is definitely of a noble background.


How should I deal with Su Xi-er?


It would be wonderful if Liu Ye-er had successfully burned Su Xi-er to death last night. This thought suddenly jumped into Old Maidservant Zhao’s mind.


As Hong Li watched the scene unfold from one side, she was trembling in fear. Su Xi-er doesn’t think anything of Old Maidservant Zhao at all. Her aura totally oppresses Old Maidservant Zhao.


“Su Xi-er, I have belittled your capabilities. It’s just that…” Old Maidservant Zhao suddenly moved close to her and spoke in a threatening tone, “You must forget all about the matter last night. Otherwise, I will help He Ying give you a hard time until you die.”


Su Xi-er smiled slightly and didn’t answer. Old Maidservant Zhao has already leaned towards He Ying. There’s no point even if I keep her.


It looks like the Palace Side Quarters is going to have a change in the old-maidservant-in-charge.


Just as the two were all set for a showdown, a woman’s loud and clear voice sounded. “Well well, Old Maidservant Zhao. You hid Su Xi-er here and caused me to search for half a day!”


When they looked in the direction of the sound, they saw that the person who had come was Miss Qing.


Old Maidservant Zhao immediately kept the strict look in her eyes. I can’t offend Miss Qing. As Prince Hao’s person, her status is even higher than Miss He’s.


“Miss Qing, Su Xi-er committed a crime yesterday. This old servant was disciplining her a little.”


“That’s enough! You don’t even take my words seriously. Are you tired of living? Withdraw!” Miss Qing didn’t care that it was the death zone of the Palace Side Quarters and directly entered the shed.


Old Maidservant Zhao nodded and retreated respectfully, Hong Li following shortly after.


Once it was only the two of them in the room, Miss Qing looked at Su Xi-er carefully pouted in dissatisfaction.


“Su Xi-er, are you beautiful or am I beautiful?”


She didn’t expect that Miss Qing would ask her this question right after she came. Her words were full of jealousy, making Su Xi-er wonder if she had charmed away a man that she shouldn’t have.


“You’re not beautiful at all. I don’t get it. Why…” Miss Qing shut her mouth when she spoke until this point. Phew. Otherwise, I would have let it slip.


“Why did you come to look for me?” Su Xi-er raised her head to look at her and directly asked.


Miss Qing snorted before looking at the fragrance sachet on Su Xi-er’s waist. She pulled it down and placed it under her nose to smell it.


The more she sniffed it, the more she felt that something was wrong. Miss Qing directly pulled the fragrance sachet apart and carefully searched for something inside.


“That’s not right. I smelt it, but why isn’t it inside?”


Su Xi-er pretended that she didn’t understand and asked, “What smell are you referring to?”


“Safflower.” Miss Qing passed the fragrance sachet back to her and added, “It’s best that you wash the cloth of the fragrance sachet. There is the remnant smell of safflower left on it.”


“Who instructed you to come?” Su Xi-er didn’t think that Miss Qing would be so kind.


Flames spurted out from Miss Qing’s eyes. She stamped her feet and no longer cared that she would let divulge something. “Imperial Bodyguard Wu! Are you very pleased with yourself? But he’s mine. Don’t think of seducing him!”

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