Early next morning, Hong Li brought two steaming hot steamed buns into the woodhouse. When she saw that a certain person was sleeping like a log, her heart finally calmed down.

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As Old Maidservant Zhao had already begun to suspect her, Su Xi-er was her only hope.


“Wake up. Quickly eat these two steamed buns. There were no leftovers yesterday, so I didn’t send you dinner.” Hong Li spoke loudly. When she saw that Su Xi-er was still asleep, she tried to shake her to wake her up.


Before her hand had touched Su Xi-er’s arm, Su Xi-er opened her eyes. Her eyes were bursting forth with frost-like coldness, shocking Hong Li to the point that she almost dropped the two steamed buns.


Finally, Hong Li spoke in a quivering voice, “You...were you too tired last night? I called so loudly, but you still didn’t wake up.”


Su Xi-er stood up. “I was already awake before you came in.”


Then, she scanned her surroundings. Situ Li has already left.


She had worn herself out during this period. When she had rested her head on the wooden table last night, she had fallen asleep very quickly, and have even felt safe while doing so.


Hong Li passed the steamed buns to her. “You should eat these two steamed buns. They’re hot.”


Su Xi-er took the steamed buns and smiled at Hong Li.


When Su Xi-er lowered her head, however, she noticed that, in addition to a layer of green powder on her wrist, the bruising had already gone down by a lot. 


This isn’t my medicinal herb extract. Was it Situ Li who applied it for me?


Hong Li was stunned upon seeing her smiling face. So Su Xi-er actually looks so nice when she smiles. Everyone in the Palace Side Quarters hates her; but after getting to know her, she doesn’t seem as bad as the rumours would suggest.


Those people who said that she looks like a source of calamity are obviously not people who know their place.


Heaven has bestowed an extremely beautiful mien to Su Xi-er, a double-edged sword to be sure.


“What are you thinking about?” Su Xi-er glanced at Hong Li and asked unhurriedly.


“You look very beautiful; especially when you smile. Your eyes seem to be able to speak and attract everyone’s gaze to you.” Hong Li spoke from the heart, her eyes filled with sincerity.


“Your current appearance attracts people very much,” Su Xi-er responded indifferently.


When one’s eyes are sincere, they will attract people. At the very least, there is nothing else mixed in her eyes.


“Why would I attract people…” Hong Li was feeling a little embarrassed since it was the first time she had been praised by someone.


“Is there any news about Old Maidservant Zhao’s movements?” Su Xi-er changed from a gentle smiling expression to a cold expression, adjusting her tone accordingly to a solemn one.


Hong Li also became earnest. “Something seemed to have happened last night. Old Maidservant Zhao was in a hurry, but I don’t know where she went. All the palace maids in the Palace Side Quarters were required to stay in their rooms.”


Su Xi-er nodded slightly. It must be because Liu Ye-er ran out and scared Old Maidservant Zhao terribly.


What on earth is the relationship between these two? Why does Liu Ye-er cause Old Maidservant Zhao to be so nervous?


I’m not sure what she came for, but Miss Qing had come around this morning and looked around all the palace maids’ rooms in the Palace Side Quarters. Was she looking for you?” Hong Li surmised cautiously. Among the palace maids in the Palace Side Quarters, the only person Miss Qing knows is Su Xi-er.


“She probably was.” Although this was what Su Xi-er replied, she was already certain in her heart that Miss Qing had come to look for her.


This palace maid called Miss Qing wears her heart on her sleeve. She speaks in an unruly manner, but isn’t scheming. 


Su Xi-er continued to eat her steamed buns unhurriedly. After she was done eating, she remained seated on the wooden stool and appeared to be at ease.


She was waiting; waiting for Old Maidservant Zhao to look for her personally.

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