“Eldest Imperial Princess, how can you expect us to believe that you were fine after spinning around so much when you fell just by standing still? Perhaps it is the Eldest Imperial Princess who is lying to us all.”


“Impossible, don’t spit malicious attacks at me!”


Just as the two of them reached a stalemate, the Emperor of Xiliu, Hua Zirong, spoke. “This woman cannot compare to the previous Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Rulan.”


Just that one sentence was enough for the more clever people in the crowd to understand his meaning.


Pei Qianhao watched all of this with cold eyes. When he heard what Hua Zirong said, he sneered. “That’s right. However, as this is Nanzhao’s Eldest Imperial Princess, it’s inconvenient for this Prince to say much.”


Prince Hao’s words were clearly agreeing with Hua Zirong. They were all guessing that the woman who had danced wasn’t Ning Anlian. In addition, the current Eldest Imperial Princess had lost to her predecessor on all accounts.


What Ning Anlian hated the most was others comparing her to Ning Rulan. I am clearly better than Ning Rulan in everything, and living in an unrestrained manner as I please as well. At least I am not a pile of bones like Ning Rulan.


But she was still uneasy when others compared her to Ning Rulan. What’s bad about me?


Pei Qianhao added another sentence immediately. “Actually, the dance we saw wasn’t completely incomparable. With such a unique Jinghong dance, this Prince would’ve liked to see it again if the Eldest Imperial Princess’ ankle wasn’t injured.”


Ning Anlian knew in her heart that Prince Hao had said that on purpose.  With Su Xi-er being his servant, how can Prince Hao not know that she was the one dancing?!


However, she couldn’t lose her temper at such an important banquet; she instead quickly replied, “This Princess’ injury must have flared up because of the Jinghong Dance, but it is not a big deal. This Princess will have more opportunities to dance for everyone in the future.”


Ning Lianchen sat on the high seat and didn’t talk at all, just watching the situation unfold before him. Only he knew that what everyone had said was dead on. The one who danced wasn’t Ning Anlian. She can’t possibly be talented enough for the charming Jinghong dance.


When Ning Lianchen saw Ning Anlian getting interrogated by everyone, he hid a smile at the corner of his mouth and said, “Eldest Imperial Princess, your dance moves are really not as good as Imperial Sister Ning Rulan’s!”


“You…” Ning Anlian felt a mouthful of blood rushing up her throat, almost spitting it out.


Ning Lianchen, how dare you mock me. Do you really think of yourself as the Emperor now? We’ll see how high and mighty you can be once all these people are gone. You’ll be like a puppet dancing around in the palm of my hand!


She replied, “Your Majesty, you are right. This Princess is not as good as that sinful woman Ning Rulan. After all, she had practised the Jinghong dance longer than this Princess. This Princess will practise more to reach her level in the future. Besides, Your Majesty shouldn’t be comparing this Princess with a sinner who’s committed monstrous crimes like Ning Rulan!”


She had purposely emphasised the words ‘sinful woman’ and ‘sinner’, causing Ning Lianchen’s expression to change.


“Even if she was a sinner, her dance is still better than yours, Imperial Elder Sister. You are not even a tenth of what Ning Rulan was.” Ning Lianchen’s smile looked even kinder than Yun Ruofeng’s, but held a hint of danger at the same time. Ning Anlian didn’t know what to do apart from being angry.


Ning Anlian didn’t know that Yun Ruofeng’s expression had also suddenly changed before reverting to normal when she had spoken.


Finally, Yun Ruofeng said, “Your Majesty, Eldest Imperial Princess, it’s not appropriate to discuss the previous Eldest Imperial Princess at the state banquet.”


Both people became quiet, but neither of them had a great expression.


Ning Anlian knew that it wasn’t appropriate for her to stand there anymore, so she asked the palace maid to bring her back to her seat immediately.


Chu Linglong also got up to return to his seat, but not before some venomous words exited his mouth. “Everyone present has practised martial arts before. For the Eldest Imperial Princess’ ankle to be so severely swollen… haha.”

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