Unsatisfied with just talking, Chu Linglong stood up to approach Ning Anlian immediately afterwards. “Eldest Imperial Princess, you should sit down first since your ankle is injured!”


As Ning Anlian’s path was blocked by Chu Linglong, the palace maid had no choice but to sit the former down on the cushion that she had sat on to play the zither.


Chu Linglong seemed to be extremely concerned as he asked Ning Anlian carefully. “Does it still hurt? One of you maids or eunuchs should stop dawdling and call an imperial physician.


The palace maid didn’t dare to go and ask for the imperial physician by herself, turning to Ning Anlian for her input.


Finally, Ning Anlian turned to her with a meaningful look in her eye as she spoke, something she made sure to hide from Chu Linglong. “Go on!”


The palace maid understood the meaning in Ning Anlian’s eyes and quickly withdrew. Meanwhile, the atrium had been thrown into chaos because of Ning Anlian’s fall.


Everybody present was smart enough to know that someone who was previously fine couldn’t have randomly twisted their foot so severely all of a sudden. As a result, there was only one possible explanation. She must have already injured her ankle before coming here.


Chu Linglong liked to interfere the most. He was clearly not someone with a good heart, but pretended to be one. He lowered his head and stared at Ning Anlian’s leg with a curious expression.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, your injury is too severe to have been from the fall just now.”


His sudden words not only made Ning Anlian scared, but caused Yun Ruofeng to be worried as well.


With that, everyone was even more sure that Ning Anlian’s injury was not a result of her fall just now. If she can’t even stand properly, how did she dance?


“Eldest Imperial Princess, the one who was on the stage presenting the Jinghong dance just now wasn’t you, was it?” Chu Linglong thunderous statement echoed the voice in everyone’s hearts. Although he didn’t speak loudly, the simultaneous hiss of everyone drawing in a cold breath spoke volumes about the audience’s reaction.


Ning Anlian’s face went pale as her heart leapt to her throat: she was scared!


“It was this Princess!” Ning Anlian wouldn’t admit the truth even if she was beaten to death.


When she saw that Chu Linglong’s doubtful expression, she continued. “It’s not easy to practice the Jinghong dance. This Princess twisted my foot when during practice, and today’s performance had caused it to swell up. Despite that, it was definitely this Princess who danced. Is there anyone else who is competent enough for the Jinglong dance?”


Ning Anlian was thinking that, as long as she denied everything, nobody would have any evidence to prove that she hadn’t been the one dancing. I am the Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao; I can’t let others mock me!


Chu Linglong didn’t care what everyone else thought. To him, if there were any doubts, they had to be mentioned.


Besides, I haven’t liked this arrogant and bossy Ning Anlian from the start. She acted like everyone was afraid of Nanzhao.


That year, when I saw Ning Rulan, she wasn’t like that at all. She was elegant and had a heroic spirit, but was kind and polite all the same.


But this Ning Anlian is a bit overbearing.


I am a dignified Crown Prince. For a mere princess to talk to me like that, she must be sick of living!


So he continued and said, “You can’t say that for sure. Are you saying that because the Jinghong dance is difficult, only you can practise it in this world?” He scoffed. “If one was able to learn to spin, then learning the dance isn’t so difficult. This is even more true for those who are talented, and have practised dancing since they were young.”


“You…” The colour of Ning Anlian’s face changed between red and white. After all, this was a lie, and she did feel guilty.

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