Just as Yun Ruofeng started to feel that everyone had been appeased, Chu Linglong got up and pointed at the dancers on stage.


“This Crown Prince thinks that none of these people can dance as well as the Eldest Imperial Princess. Her dance moves were so elegant and beautiful that I want to watch it again and again.”


Ning Anlian had just been taking a bite of food when Chu Linglong spoke, causing her to immediately begin to choke and cough. A palace maid on the side quickly passed a handkerchief over to her.


Chu Linglong looked at Ning Anlian in confusion. “Princess, your dance was so beautiful that it makes people wish for an encore. Certainly everyone here must agree with this Crown Prince?”


When he said that, everyone else became tempted.


Many of those present had seen Ning Rulan’s dance. After viewing Ning Anlian’s dance, they were ready to say that the both of them had comparable Jinghong dance moves.


Only those who were present would know how beautiful the Jinghong dance was. If they could see another dance from the Eldest Imperial Princess, that would be even better.


Hence, Chu Linglong had really voiced out what everyone was thinking. Coming to Nanzhao is really for us to enjoy the visuals of the grand banquet. We must return after we are satisfied with everything, right?


As for Chu Linglong himself, his original intention was different. Watching a few women twisting around here and there is not interesting at all. I can do that in the Nation of Dongling as well. But as for the Eldest Imperial Princess, her dance will have surely gotten even more alluring after having so much wine.


Not many others had the same mischievous thoughts as Chu Linglong, but it was true that they couldn’t forget the Eldest Imperial Princess’ dance.


A steady rise of voices could be heard, all urging Ning Anlian to dance again.


Yun Ruofeng didn’t feel much better than Ning Anlian about the situation. The imperial physician has already said that she can’t take large steps, much less do something as taxing as dancing.


Despite this, Ning Anlian had her own thoughts about the matter. But if I don’t agree, Su Xi-er will dance in my stead again; I can’t allow that to happen! If I don’t dance now, then all my effort will have been wasted. No matter what, I have to at least try!


Just when Ning Anlian was about to agree, Yun Ruofeng started talking first. “At the state banquet, the Eldest Imperial Princess will only dance once. This is the custom. Everyone, please don’t make things difficult for the Eldest Imperial Princess.”


Yun Ruofeng gave Ning Anlian a meaningful look, and she could roughly figure out what he was trying to convey. I know that Yun Ruofeng is afraid that I will mess up the dance and lose face at the state banquet, and is trying to tell me to not be reckless. However, this is a rare opportunity, and I don’t want to lose it...


“This Princess…”


“If there can only be one dance, then play a song. That should be fine.” Pei Qianhao interrupted. His eyes weren’t looking at the Emperor sitting on the high seat, but at Yun Ruofeng.


Yun Ruofeng was still apprehensive about this, but just as he was about to reject, Ning Anlian replied, “Alright, this Princess will play a song and entertain everyone.”


Ning Anlian looked at Yun Ruofeng a smile on her mouth after she finished speaking.


Yun Ruofeng couldn’t say anything else, and could only let Ning Anlian do as she wished. It’s not dancing anyway; nothing should go wrong.


Just as Ning Anlian was about to leave to prepare, Pei Qianhao motioned to the guard by his side before instructing him in a low voice. “Go and take Su Xi-er back to the posthouse for this Prince.”

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It’s not dancing anyway; nothing should go wrong.

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