Hearing Ning Lianchen's words, Pei Qianhao chuckled in his heart. This little Emperor sure has a glib tongue. Minus the grandiose posing, he was actually implying that Ning Anlian is too dumb to respond to Chu Linglong after only a few words.


"Oh?" Chu Linglong's words were clearly disbelieving.


Ning Lianchen didn't mind if others believed him or not, and cared even less about Ning Anlian’s malevolent glare. He directly waved and signalled to the little eunuch beside him. "Come, prepare the large cups for Elder Imperial Sister and His Highness Crown Prince."


"Yes, Your Majesty."


Ning Anlian's anger gushed forth. If it weren't for everybody around them, she would have rushed over to Ning Lianchen before giving him two slaps and lambasting him.


However, she could only play along and look at Chu Linglong with a smile for now, agreeing with Ning Lianchen. "Your Majesty is right."


Yun Ruofeng looked at Ning Lianchen. I never expected him to do this, but I can’t help Ning Anlian with every little thing. Doing so would only shame Nanzhao, causing others to look down on us.


He then turned his gaze onto Ning Anlian. Luckily, she's still somewhat composed and didn't  respond to Ning Lianchen’s provocation. 


It was at this time that Ning Anlian noticed Yun Ruofeng staring at her. She met his eyes, showing him a gaze full of tears and grievances. 


Knowing that Ning Anlian needed to be pacified somehow, Yun Ruofeng nodded and lightly tapped the table twice with his hand: a signal that he understood. He couldn’t be a penny wise and a pound foolish.


The two had many previous interactions, and Ning Anlian immediately understood what Yun Ruofeng meant. She instantly felt much better.


Just wait, Ning Lianchen! I will tolerate you for now, but just watch how I deal with you after all the ambassadors leave!


Very soon, the wine pot and cups were brought to the table. Scanning over the extra large cup and extensive collection of strong wine, Ning Anlian’s eyes couldn’t help but widen a little.


Drinking this much liquor on an empty stomach can lead to death!


She lifted her head to look at Ning Lianchen, only to realise that he didn't even spare her a glance.


Chu Linglong was in a hurry to compete with his liquor tolerance, while the other men were thinking of how to get the beautiful princess drunk, something they were very much looking forward to.


In her plight, Ning Anlian noticed for the first time that the palace servants were really skilled and nimble at pouring wine.


Ning Anlian didn’t get drunk even after downing several cups, but she could feel her stomach beginning to turn as her mouth was filled with the taste of spicy liquor.


Yun Ruofeng couldn't bear to see this and voiced out. "Everyone, we didn’t invite everyone to the state banquet just to drink. Why don’t we have some food while we enjoy the performances?"


Everyone concurred, having had their fair share of fun already. Even if Ning Anlian had been late, she was still the Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao, and couldn’t possibly be forced to continue drinking until she made a fool of herself.


Chu Linglong himself was reluctant, but knew that he had already touched a certain line, and agreed after some brief consideration.


Ning Anlian was relieved to hear Yun Ruofeng’s words. The palace maid behind her quickly brought out some hangover tea, but the princess only felt a bit better after a few mouthfuls of food.


Pei Qianhao was like an outsider watching everyone make a ruckus, a smile rising on the corners of his mouth. Just by looking at the Nanzhao Emperor, Ning Anlian, and Yun Ruofeng, he could tell that there was definitely something going on behind the scenes.


Since this was the first time he attended Nanzhao’s state banquet, no one else dared to talk to Pei Qianhao directly. Prince Hao was well known for being ruthless, and it was better to avoid him than to mistakenly offend him.


Of course, that didn't include Chu Linglong and Hua Zirong. The former's attention wasn’t on Prince Hao, and the latter had no interest in anything.


The state banquet gradually fell into a comfortable pace. The envoys of each country enjoyed the performance of the beautiful maidens on stage, ate sumptuous food, and drank wine from the pots laid out on each table. All of this while gossiping about interesting news and state affairs. It was certainly a harmonious sight to see.

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