"How's the Eldest Imperial Princess' foot doing? Can she still walk? We can't delay her appearance at the state banquet any further."


However, Imperial Physician Fang shook his head. "We still need to monitor it."


Tolerating the pain, Ning Anlian suddenly spoke up. "No, this Princess must go."


I have been at the Imperial Physician Institute for too long. It’s likely that everybody is already irate, and if I stay any longer, everything that’s happened may be exposed.


Seeing her impatience, Imperial Physician Fang stopped her immediately. "Be patient, Eldest Imperial Princess. Let this humble official complete the treatment first."


With how much pain she was in, Ning Anlian didn't dare to take things lightly. She didn't know what Su Xi-er had done to make her ankle injury so severe.


After another fifteen minutes, Imperial Physician Fang slowly removed each needle from Ning Anlian's ankle. He directed the medicine boy assistant to prepare an herbal compress for Ning Anlian to apply to the area, as well as giving her some medicine to help relieve the pain.


"It's not hurting anymore." Ning Anlian finally felt that the pain in her ankle had receded.


Imperial Physician Fang who was beside her dissuaded her. "It may have improved, but Your Highness should still be careful about your actions as to avoid worsening the injury."


"This Princess understands." Ning Anlian then stood and headed for the state banquet with Wei Mohai.


Once she reached the atrium, everyone’s attention was drawn over by the announcement of her arrival.


After waiting for such a long while, many people impatiently raised their heads and craned their necks to take a look at who had just walked in.


Chu Linglong was curious and raised his head to watch. He then spoke in a mocking manner. "After waiting for so long, it’s nice for the Eldest Imperial Princess to finally grace us with her presence. It was tough to keep my anticipation in check!"


The rest of the crowd chorused. “Indeed, it was quite the wait!”


Ning Anlian was dressed in a stunning purple princess banquet gown. The purple gemstones in her hair ornament swayed as she walked, while the long train of the gown spread out behind her, dazzling everyone.


Her makeup was on point, emanating an alluring aura from her brows.


The men present had seen their fair share of beauties, but were still starstruck by Ning Anlian's appearance. She really did look gorgeous at first glance.


Of course, it was all thanks to her makeup and dress that she was able to elicit such an amazing response. In order to establish that she was better than that bitch Ning Rulan, she had already had this dress custom-made months before the banquet. All the hair accessories were created in a similar manner, with Ning Anlian having gone all out in order to let others remember that she was the prettiest.


She entered the hall in a composed manner, her steps measured while she wore a cordial smile on her face.


Pei Qianhao took a glance at her. She's not even close to being comparable to Su Xi-er. Although the purple dress Su Xi-er wore was less extravagant than Ning Anlian's, the difference in disposition can’t be bridged. The dress that Ning Anlian is wearing is nothing short of crude and vulgar. He felt disgusted to even take another look at it.


Under the lead of the palace servants, she first walked to her table before she faced the envoys and curtsied. "This Princess is sorry for being late today. I will first punish myself as apology by drinking three cups."


Right afterwards, a maidservant was already making her way forward to pour the wine.


Chu Linglong suddenly chuckled at her statement. "The Eldest Imperial Princess sure has self-awareness. Prince Yun had also mentioned that the princess should punish herself with three cups of wine for being late."


"Of course." Ning Anlian lifted the precariously filled wine cup before speaking again. "This Princess offers a toast to everyone with these three cups; let them also serve as an apology for being late."


After downing three cups of wine consecutively, Ning Anlian could feel the burning sensation in her throat. It was really rough to drink three cups of such strong alcohol on an empty stomach. If not for that fact that people of Nanzhao were used to drinking alcohol, she would’ve already been feeling nauseous.

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