The Emperor of Xiliu remained unmoved; his mind occupied by the woman in purple. There's actually someone in this world that can compete with Ning Rulan. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn’t seen her with my own eyes.


Fury arose within Yun Ruofeng, but he didn’t dare to let it show. Although he was the Prince Regent of Nanzhao, everyone here was a powerful and influential figure in their own nation. He couldn’t afford to casually offend any of them. "Everyone, be at ease. This Prince shall send someone to look for the Eldest Imperial Princess. She should be here soon, and will drink three cups to apologise to everyone when she arrives. Please forgive Nanzhao’s oversight this time around."


With Yun Ruofeng's reassurance, everyone gradually lowered their voices.


Yun Ruofeng then summoned Wei Mohai with a dark look on his face. He lowered his voice and commanded, "Get Su Xi-er here with her veil on."


Wei Mohai was startled. "This…"


Yun Ruofeng had no time to explain and urged him. "Hurry up!"


Unfortunately for him, Pei Qianhao had been keeping an eye on Yun Ruofeng from the start. While he couldn’t make out the specifics of the conversation, he understood that Yun Ruofeng was planning to have Su Xi-er make another appearance.


What, you plan on calling Su Xi-er again? Help can be offered once, but it’s impossible for me to allow things to go your way twice.


Before Wei Mohai could leave, Pei Qianhao voiced out. "This Prince heard that the previous Eldest Imperial Princess never wore a veil when she danced during the state banquet, but the current Eldest Imperial Princess has done so. Could it be that she plans to do the same when she appears later?"


Yun Ruofeng felt his heart sink at Pei Qianhao’s words, but he could only put on a smile before replying, "The Eldest Imperial Princess requested to wear a veil while she danced so to bring out a better effect during the performance. Of course, she won’t wear a veil when she comes out later."


Yun Ruofeng spoke lightly, but his eyes were staring a hole through Pei Qianhao, knowing the latter was doing this on purpose.


Pei Qianhao met his eyes head-on, even wearing a faint smile on his face to mirror Yun Ruofeng.


You plan to have my maidservant come out again and drink with these men? Fat chance!


With his plan ruined, Yun Ruofeng could only softly order Wei Mohai once again. "Go see how the Eldest Imperial Princess doing. Get her to come as soon as possible, and avoid dawdling any further."


Wei Mohai nodded with an affirmative.


"If it really can’t be done, just say that she suddenly fell ill and is unable to come. This Prince will have my ways to deal with it."


"Understood!" Wei Mohai took his orders and headed off promptly. In his heart, he felt that the Eldest Imperial Princess could sure torment others. This grand state banquet has been made into a farce because of her ankle.


Ning Lianchen watched Yun Ruofeng's actions in silence before suddenly speaking after Wei Mohai had left.


"This Emperor's Elder Imperial Sister can't be feeling ill right?"


Yun Ruofeng had only just taken a sip of his wine, and hadn't even placed his wine cup down when he heard what Ning Lianchen said. His heart sank even further, but his face was devoid of any form of expression.


"Your Majesty's graciousness is infinite and never-ending. Being blessed and protected by your royal graciousness, the Eldest Imperial Princess is very healthy."


Yun Ruofeng then pointed to the opera troupe on stage. It was uncertain whether he was speaking to Ning Lianchen, or the ambassadors. "This opera troupe is known for being hard to invite. They are not fearful of the rich and powerful, and only perform to seek understanding from their audience. You ought to watch and appreciate such a rare show."


Nobody knew which country this opera troupe was from, but rumour had it that they were backed by an influential figure. One thing was for sure though, everyone knew that they were indeed hard to invite. After being fortunate enough to see such a show, they shouldn’t miss the opportunity.




While Yun Ruofeng was trying to handle things in the atrium, Wei Mohai had already reached the Imperial Physician Institute. Inside, Imperial Physician Fang was already applying acupuncture to Ning Anlian’s injury.

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