They all knew of Ning Rulan’s beauty and grace, having seen her dance and appearance before. As a result, many had doubts over Ning Anlian’s ability to match the previous Eldest Imperial Princess’ ability. After all, nobody who had seen Ning Rulan’s dance would believe that there was another woman in this world capable of duplicating her lingering charm.


But they never expected the current Eldest Imperial Princess to be so powerful. Her dance could be considered as good as Ning Rulan's, with her steps emanating the same indescribable beauty, leaving one to reminisce about it after the performance.


Looking at everyone's eager expressions, Yun Ruofeng could only nod and apologise, hoping that nothing further happened on Ning Anlian’s side.


He looked at Ning Lianchen who was sitting at the main seat, only to find the latter agreeing with the guests. "Indeed, Imperial Elder Sister has been resting for a bit too long. It'd be better to quickly invite her out. Xiao Lizi, go and take a look. Don't keep the ambassadors waiting."


Xiao Lizi didn't dare to take his time. Acknowledging the edict, he swiftly headed off.


Having already seen the woman in purple, Ning Lianchen already knew that Ning Anlian was not the one who presented the dance. However, he had never expected for Yun Ruofeng to clandestinely swap out the real princess with an imposter, using the veil to hide her face. 


There must be another reason for Ning Anlian's delay.


Pei Qianhao was the most composed person at the banquet, silently observing everyone around him without revealing his thoughts.


Suddenly, he looked sideways only to feel like something was missing: Su Xi-er. He was so used to the latter being by his side that it felt wrong without her around.


When he had initially mentioned bringing Su Xi-er along to Nanzhao’s state banquet, she had rejected him. But when Yun Ruofeng asked her to perform the dance, she had even gone against him to agree with the request. When her svelte figure finally appeared on stage, even he couldn’t help but be tempted by it.


Pei Qianhao felt extreme unwillingness in his heart at the thought of so many men in the hall watching her. Luckily, she wore a veil so that no one knows that my maidservant was the woman performing on the stage.


Or else, all of their eyeballs should be gouged out. Since they think that Su Xi-er is Ning Anlian, then let it be. I won't say anything as long as Yun Ruofeng does the same.


As the debate slowly quietened down, Yun Ruofeng felt somewhat humiliated, and knew that Ning Anlian had shamed him again.


Waving his hand, he signalled the musicians to start playing. Seeing this, the opera troupe went on stage and proceeded to begin their performance.


Yun Ruofeng's eyes darkened as he watched the performance on stage. Raising his wine, cup, he offered a toast to Pei Qianhao, who was sitting opposite him.


Not wanting to be impolite, Pei Qianhao lifted his wine cup slightly and nodded in Yun Ruofeng’s direction. "Prince Yun, this Prince shall drink first as a form of respect."


Draining what was in it, Pei Qianhao set his wine cup down as he watched Yun Ruofeng do the same.


Then, Yun Ruofeng looked at Chu Linglong and spoke, "Crown Prince, this Prince offers a toast to you."


Chu Linglong stood up, his eyes full of smiles. "This Crown Prince should be the one offering Prince Yun a toast. Here, cheers."


After the two were done, Yun Ruofeng went to offer the guests of each nation a toast, starting with the Emperor of Xiliu and working his way down the list of smaller nations.


Everyone took their time offering toasts and exchanging pleasantries, but at the end of it all, Ning Anlian had yet to appear.


Chu Linglong was getting impatient and questioned Yun Ruofeng once again. "Prince Yun? This Crown Prince and the envoys have been waiting for a long while. Why isn't the Eldest Imperial Princess here yet? Could it be that she looks down on us and is unwilling to grace us with her presence?"


A leader of a lesser nation was instantly displeased. "Exactly, we have been waiting for a long while, and the Eldest Imperial Princess is still not coming out to have a toast with us? Is this how Nanzhao should be treating guests who have come all this way to offer their blessings and congratulations? Not even the late Emperor would have put on such airs in front of us. If she isn’t going to come, let’s not waste any more time.”

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