Ning Anlian couldn’t stay angry with how much pain she was in, and had little choice than to hang onto the maidservant at her side.


"This Princess' foot hurts!" Ning Anlian’s face had already become several shades paler as she tried to rub her foot to lessen the pain. “It’s unbearable!”


Seeing the situation before him, Wei Mohai had no chance but to call forth a little eunuch.


"Prepare a palanquin for the Eldest Imperial Princess! Hurry!"


The little eunuch's legs became jelly at Wei Mohai's sudden overbearing aura, causing him to stammer as he replied, "Y...Y...Yes, this servant will go right now."


A few moments later, the little eunuch had gotten people to bring the palanquin over.


Wei Mohai swiftly ordered the palace maidservants to help the Eldest Imperial Princess onto the palanquin before then saying, "Head for the Imperial Physician Institute immediately!"


Ning Anlian was in a hurry to attend the state banquet and directly refused. "This Princess is fine, there's no need to head to the Imperial Physician Institute."


Wei Mohai had never seen such a stubborn Eldest Imperial Princess. A wave of discontent rose in his heart, but he didn't dare to express it; he instead chose to try to persuade Ning Anlian. "Your Highness, your ankle is injured. You should know even better than me that all of Prince Yun’s efforts will be wasted if you head to the state banquet now.”


Absolute disgrace, with every other country looking down on Nanzhao!


No matter how unwilling Ning Anlian was, she could only keep quiet and let Wei Mohai secretly send her to the Imperial Physician Institute.


Having temporarily resolved the situation, Wei Mohai turned on his heels and promptly headed for the state banquet.


When Yun Ruofeng saw that Wei Mohai did not return with Ning Anlian, he couldn't help but furrow his brows. Could it be that something else happened?


Wei Mohai did not hide anything as he went forward and whispered, "Prince Yun, the Eldest Imperial Princess injured her ankle again on the way here. This subordinate had sent her to the Imperial Physician Institute."


"How did this happen?" Yun Ruofeng lowered his voice.


Wei Mohai replied. "The Eldest Imperial Princess continuously inquired about her replacement for the dance on the way here. She impacted her ankle again in her agitation."


The more Yun Ruofeng listened, the more displeased he grew. In the end, he could only swiftly control his expression and return to a joyful and gentle visage. Glancing at the envoys around them, Yun Ruofeng spoke under his breath without moving his lips, keeping their conversation between the two of them. "This Prince understands. Hold on for a while first."


When Chu Linglong, the Crown Prince of Dongling, saw that someone was privately whispering to Yun Ruofeng, doubts arose in his heart.


Looking at Yun Ruofeng, he smilingly remarked, "After thinking that nobody on this earth would be comparable to Ning Rulan, this Crown Prince has been pleasantly surprised by the current Eldest Imperial Princess. It’s just that it’s been quite a while since the princess left to change; why isn’t she back at her seat yet? This Crown Prince can’t wait to catch a glimpse of her looks."


Yun Ruofeng put on a gentle visage, smiling faintly at Chu Linglong to express his apologies. "Dancing is very tiring. The Eldest Imperial Princess must be currently resting, and will join us soon enough."


Some of the people nodded in understanding, but there were still others who couldn't wait and urged. "We have been waiting for too long. May the Eldest Imperial Princess come on out quickly and let us have a glimpse of her beauty!"


"That's right, you can't leave us here waiting. With how this is dragging on, everyone will run out of patience. Isn’t that right, everyone?"


The others nodded in agreement.

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