Su Xi-er saw Piao Xu’s shocked expression on her face and opened her mouth again. “You are the personal maidservant of the Eldest Imperial Princess, but has she ever gifted anything to you?”


She casually picked up a blue and white porcelain vase, holding it up in front of Piao Xu. “Look, things like this are valuable, but has the Eldest Imperial Princess ever given you one? Shouldn’t she have plenty because of her status?”


“I…” Piao Xu didn’t know what to say.


It is true that I don’t have an expensive blue and white porcelain vase, but since Nanzhao isn’t a nation known for its porcelain, there are only a few of these in the entire nation. How could the Princess bestow one to me?


The Princess has gifted me things like silvers and hairpins before, but most of them were things that she didn’t like or want. Just like Su Xi-er said, she’s never gifted me anything that was expensive.


But is it really true that Su Xi-er receives such gifts? Piao Xu couldn’t help but wonder.


Whether it was true or not, it was something that she couldn’t help but feel envious of. Besides, she had clearly seen that Prince Hao doted on Su Xi-er from the previous banquet at the Prince Yun Residence.


Although she had some doubts, Piao Xu still put away her envious expression. “Are you lying to me? I don’t believe that Prince Hao is generous enough to give something like that to a lowly maidservant like yourself. Don’t try to drive a wedge between us.”


Su Xi-er smiled. She knew that Piao Xu was already having some doubts. “Whether I have or not is for me to know, and you to find out.”


After that, she stopped talking. However, Piao Xu’s face had turned dark from anger.


Everyone says that the person who understands you the most isn’t your closest friend, but your worst enemy. I know more than anyone what kind of person Ning Anlian is. How could she possibly treat a palace maid like Piao Xu kindly?


Piao Xu didn’t even realise that she had already lost out while trying to show off how noble and unbeatable the Eldest Imperial Princess was.


Even as Piao Xu was angered to death by Su Xi-er, Ning Anlian was also doing poorly.


She constantly thought about Su Xi-er in the repose palace, directly lashing out at Wei Mohai. “Commander Wei, Prince Yun went to the temple with His Majesty this morning. How could he have the time to invite Su Xi-er?”


Wei Mohai slowed down his footsteps, but still dodged the question. “Eldest Imperial Princess, it’s better if you just forget about this. Just pretend that you danced at the state banquet.”


Ning Anlian was exasperated and blocked Wei Mohai’s path. “When was she invited!”


Wei Mohai didn’t answer. When Ning Anlian saw this, she laughed in irony. “Hmph, he went to the posthouse by himself and secretly invited her? I can’t believe that he would do this!”


“Princess, this matter is already in the past. Please remember that you are the Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao who has just finished your dance.” Wei Mohai reminded her seriously, emanating an air of solemness.


Unfortunately for him, Ning Anlian had never been afraid of anyone in this life besides Yun Ruofeng, the one she loved.


“What, so as the person involved, I don’t even have the right to ask?”


Wei Mohai’s adamant refusal to say anything made Ning Anlian stamp her foot in anger, forgetting that her ankle was injured. All of a sudden, the pain came shooting up her leg. It was extremely painful just when standing, let alone walking.


Wei Mohai immediately asked, “Eldest Imperial Princess, what’s wrong?”

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