“You…” Ning Anlian was speechless with fury. Her hand trembled as she pointed at Su Xi-er, but she couldn’t bring herself to say anything.


Wei Mohai happened to enter the room at this exact moment, drawing everyone’s gaze. Noticing the strange atmosphere, he solemnly informed, “Eldest Imperial Princess, it’s getting late. Prince Yun has been urging us to go to the banquet and sit down immediately.


Ning Anlian could only nod when she heard this. “Understood. This Princess will go now.”


Before she left, Ning Anlian gave Su Xi-er a vicious look, completely revealing the hatred in her eyes.


I will not let Su Xi-er off!


She glanced at Piao Xu meaningfully when she walked past her and whispered, “You must take care of Miss Xi-er for this Princess.”


Piao Xu nodded. “Yes, this servant obeys the order.”


Upon receiving her confirmation, Ning Anlian tidied herself up, and left the repose palace.


Only Su Xi-er and Piao Xu were left in the repose palace.


In Su Xi-er’s eyes, Piao Xu wasn’t even worth paying attention to. Sitting down on the embroidered pier, she started to look around the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace, the place she had previously resided in.


However, although she was familiar with the room itself, all the decorations had changed. Everything from the flowers in the room, the wardrobe, and even small things like the cups and curtains, had changed.


It looks like Ning Anlian had everything replaced.


Piao Xu stood on one side and looked at Su Xi-er carefully. She was under the impression that the latter was just curious, having never seen a Princess’ repose palace before.


She couldn’t help but ask, “Miss Xi-er, are you thinking that the Princess’ repose palace is magnificent and beautiful?”


Su Xi-er nodded with a smile in her eyes. “Of course, the repose palace of a nation’s Princess should be magnificent, beautiful, and glittering.”


“Yes, the Princess is the high and mighty Eldest Imperial Princess, who lives in the best place. Miss Xi-er, you are very lucky to see it today. Since you won’t have a chance to live in such a palace in your lifetime, you should savour this chance and enjoy it for a while.”


Su Xi-er snorted inside. Is she trying to show off to me how noble Ning Anlian is?


Taking this into account, Su Xi-er stood up and began to look around again. “The repose palace is beautiful, but it is not the most beautiful that I have seen. All of the vulgar objects in the room make the Eldest Imperial Princess’ beauty only skin deep. Everyone knows that a person needs to have a beautiful heart in addition to their appearance. A truly beautiful person’s ability to make even the mundane seem resplendent; it isn’t something that can be mimicked by owning a pile of material objects.”


Piao Xu was shocked. How could she not understand what Su Xi-er meant? How daring for her to say such a thing about the Eldest Imperial Princess!


Piao Xu did not give in and argued. “That’s not true. You must be jealous that everything in the Princess’ repose palace is expensive, right?”


Su Xi-er sneered. “Why would I need to be jealous that such vulgar things don’t belong to me? Isn’t that adding to my worries? Besides, there are many things in the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace that can be easily found in the Beauty Palace.”


Piao Xu didn’t know what she meant. But how can Su Xi-er easily see those things at Prince Hao’s Residence? She is just a maidservant!


Su Xi-er didn’t give her a chance to think and directly said, “Am I not right? These objects may seem expensive in the Eldest Imperial Princess’ eyes, but they are nothing in Beimin.”

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