Su Xi-er’s eyes were full of smiles, but to Ning Anlian, she was being arrogant and proud!


“How can that be? How can that be?” Ning Anlian was a bit startled.


I never thought that the person Yun Ruofeng found was Su Xi-er! I really don’t want to believe it. How could Yun Ruofeng ask her? Could it be that he has really taken a liking to Prince Hao’s maidservant?


What is so great about Su Xi-er? What made him think of Su Xi-er? No matter how attractive she is, she’s still just a lowly maidservant!


Ning Anlian felt like her face had been slapped hard, it pained her so much that she began to feel nauseous!


Her chest was heaving; it was clear that she was exasperated!


When Su Xi-er saw her like this, she sneered to herself. Ning Anlian, didn’t you want to show off? Didn’t you want to stun the world with your dance? Didn’t you want to get married to Yun Ruofeng? I won’t let you achieve any of it!


Hell is where you and Yun Ruofeng belong.


Su Xi-er was smiling as gently as the spring breeze.


She asked Ning Anlian. “So Prince Yun really didn’t tell you?”


After that, she walked around Ning Anlian for half a circle and her smile became more obvious. “Of course, Prince Yun must have known that if he told Eldest Imperial Princess, you would have been unreasonably angry. He knew that you would have forced yourself on stage even with your injured ankle, only to disgrace both yourself and Nanzhao in front of everyone. Knowing this, how could Prince Yun have told you?”


“You…” Ning Anlian was practically spitting fire. “Su Xi-er, don’t be too arrogant. Acting so arrogantly in front of this Princess, you are simply asking to die!”


Ning Anlian raised her hand high and prepared to hit Su Xi-er’s face with great strength.


But just as her hand was about to strike down, Su Xi-er grabbed her wrist.


Ning Anlian felt a lot of pain in her wrist and couldn’t struggle free. She could only scold loudly. “Let go of this Princess!” She lifted her other hand as she yelled, only to be subjected to the same treatment.


Piao Xu started to run up to help, but was stopped dead in her tracks by Su Xi-er’s withering stare. “This has nothing to do with you!”


Piao Xu’s heart skipped a beat after being hollered at. She didn’t dare to go up, and could only watch from the side.


Ning Anlian’s expression changed slightly and looked at Piao Xu with murderous eyes. “Piao Xu, who exactly do you take orders from?”


Just when Piao Xu was going to open her mouth, the palace maid who had brought Su Xi-er in couldn’t help but interrupt. “Miss, please release the Eldest Imperial Princess. She is not someone that you can afford to offend.”


Ning Anlian’s arrogance returned in full force after hearing that, yelling to Su Xi-er, “Hurry and release this Princess!”


Su Xi-er’s head turned slightly to look at the palace maid. “Miss, you saw what happened. It was the Eldest Imperial Princess who hit me first; I am just defending myself.”


As for whether I can offend her, that is not something that can be determined by someone else.


Su Xi-er turned back to the pompous Ning Anlian with a smile, her grip on the latter’s wrists only tightening. “Eldest Imperial Princess, as a maidservant, the only person I serve is Prince Hao. You aren’t fit to order me around. Besides, the only reason I came to dance in your stead was because Prince Yun came to ask me. He begged me to dance in your place, saying that you would be laughed at if the event was cancelled. Let me say this again: the only reason I am here is because of Prince Yun’s sincerity.”


Su Xi-er then threw away Ning Anlian’s hands and beamed at her.


Ning Anlian staggered and was lucky to be caught by Piao Xu. 


However, remembering what Piao Xu had just done, Ning Anlian immediately pushed her away and roared angrily, “Get away!”


She straightened her body and looked at Su Xi-er. “You…”


Su Xi-er didn’t give her a chance to talk before immediately interrupting her again. “Eldest Imperial Princess, you better be careful not to injure your ankle again. If you can’t walk later, others will notice that it wasn’t you who was dancing. If that happens, I can’t help you!”

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Ning Anlian staggered and was lucky to be caught by Piao Xu. 

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