As Ning Anlian raged in her palace, Su Xi-er was bowing to the audience after finishing her dance.


The deafening sound of applause could be heard all around her. “Everyone says that the Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Anlian’s dance does not lose to Ning Rulan’s. Her moves are brilliant and graceful; she is really a rare dance master.”


Yun Ruofeng listened to the words of admiration with a gentle smile on his face. He would politely and humbly reply when others talked to him. His deportment was just like an emperor’s.


It was quite obvious to the guests that Prince Yun wasn’t just a simple prince regent, but they all refrained from saying anything.


Ning Lianchen had remained in a stunned silence this entire time while at the upper seats.


It wasn’t the quality of the dance that had rendered him speechless, but that he had vaguely seen the figure of his Imperial Elder Sister in the movements. The familiar feeling was becoming stronger and stronger, as if it was his dead Imperial Elder Sister who was dancing.


Ning Lianchen still didn’t return from his stupor even after the woman had finished the dance and withdrawn from the stage.


A bright glint flickered across Pei Qianhao’s eyes, but he merely played with his winecup without saying another word.


Meanwhile, Su Xi-er was lead to the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace by a palace maid after she finished the dance.


No one was more familiar with Nanzhao’s imperial palace than Su Xi-er. It has been so long since I have been here, but the palace walls are still the same. The flowers and plants seem to have changed a lot though.


The Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace was her previous palace. Even without the palace maid leading her, she would’ve been able to make here way here with her eyes closed.


The palace maid who led her over was sent by Yun Ruofeng, and knew that she wasn’t the real Eldest Imperial Princess.


But this woman’s dance was so beautiful that it won the admiration from rulers of many different nations.


The palace maid couldn’t help but praise her. “Miss, your dance was so graceful and attractive. Everyone says that the previous Eldest Imperial Princess’ dance skills were unmatched, but after seeing your dance today, I think that your skill is on par with hers.”


Su Xi-er slowed down her footsteps when she heard what the palace maid said. She stared at the palace maid for a while before replying placidly, “Many thanks for your compliments, Miss.”


With such a response, the palace maid could only nod and continue to lead the way. It was a while longer before they reached the repose palace, and the palace maid gestured for Su Xi-er to enter.


“Miss, this is the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace.”


Su Xi-er nodded her head lightly and didn't say anything else before walking up the stairs to the palace, raising her hands and letting the maids on duty open the doors.


When the palace maids on duty saw Su Xi-er, their eyes lit up. Even though they couldn’t clearly see this woman’s face, they could tell that she was beautiful. Won’t the Eldest Imperial Princess be even angrier if she meets this woman?


Su Xi-er ignored their expressions and directly walked inside when the palace door opened. She didn’t even wait for the palace maid nearby to lead her.


Ning Anlian heard some noise and thought that it was Yun Ruofeng who had arrived to pick her up. She immediately stood up and coincidentally saw Su Xi-er taking her veil off in front of her.


“Why is it you?” Ning Anlian’s voice raised a few decibels higher as varying degrees of anger and surprise rose in her eyes.


She looked at what Su Xi-er was wearing. She’s wearing a purple dress… Don’t tell me that Su Xi-er was the once who danced in my place!


Su Xi-er didn’t panic. She nodded and said, “It was me, Your Highness Eldest Imperial Princess.”


“It was you who danced in this Princess’ stead?”


“Yes, it was me. Why? Didn’t Prince Yun tell the Eldest Imperial Princess that it was me who replaced you?”

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