In the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace


Ning Anlian anxiously paced around in her room, wanting to go out, but being blocked by the imperial guards stationed outside. Whenever she tried, they would tell her that they were acting under Prince Yun’s orders.


Suddenly, the sound of silk bamboo instruments could be heard from the outside.


Ning Anlian was shocked to hear such familiar sound. This is the song that is always played during the state banquet’s dance! How could I mistake it for anything else?


Could it be that the dance has started? But this Princess isn’t there, so who is the one dancing?


Ning Anlian was shocked by this realisation, and called Piao Xu over immediately. “Piao Xu, go and find out who is dancing right now when this Princess isn’t even there.


Ning Anlian clenched onto a handkerchief tightly with a frosty glint in her eyes.


When Piao Xu saw this, she didn’t dare to be slow, and immediately acted. “Yes, this servant will go now.”


However,Piao Xu was also blocked by an imperial guard when she tried to go outside. “Miss Piao Xu, you can’t go out right now!”


When Piao Xu heard such stern words, she couldn’t help but berate, “What? So I can’t go out either? Who gave you so much courage? I have the verbal edict of the Eldest Imperial Princess. Could it be that you want to disobey?”


Piao Xu’s words were usually enough to strike fear into the typical palace maids in the imperial palace, but they had no effect on this imperial guard.


Without putting down his hand and while maintaining his emotionless bearing, he responded in a bland voice. “Miss Piao Xu, please go back. We will let you out when the time comes.”




Piao Xu was enraged, but she didn’t dare to touch these people who were under Prince Yun’s orders. But is Prince Yun really going to hold the Eldest Imperial Princess captive? Who did he ask to dance? Won’t it be shameful when the rulers of other nations see that someone else is dancing in the Eldest Imperial Princess’ stead?


But no matter how helpless and angry Piao Xu felt, she could only go back into the room.


Ning Anlian had heard the entire altercation, and was unsurprised when Piao Xu returned to the room moments later. Looks like no one can get out.


Piao Xu was apologetic and knelt in front of Ning Anlian. “Eldest Imperial Princess, this servant is useless and couldn’t get out.” 


Ning Anlian had a chest full of anger burning in her, but she knew that this was not because Piao Xu was useless. There are too many people outside. Not to mention Piao Xu, even I can’t get out.


Knowing that getting angry over this wouldn’t help her, Ning Anlian waved her hand as she tried her best to calm down. “Forget it.”


The sound of silk bamboo instruments heightened before the music slowed down, gradually fading away altogether.


Ning Anlian knew that the song and dance was going to end soon. But who is it that replaced me? There are many skilled dancers in this world, but not many who can dance so exquisitely.


I haven’t spared any effort in my practice to be able to compete with Ning Rulan. I had originally wanted to surprise the world with my dance, and allow everyone to know that I am better than Ning Rulan.


But… but unexpectedly, my ankle just had to be kicked and injured by Su Xi-er.


She thought of Su Xi-er. Although she is just a maidservant, I can’t do anything to her because she serves Prince Hao of Beimin! If Prince Hao doesn’t punish her, then I can’t do anything at all.


This would be much simpler if she had just been a normal maidservant. I would have been able to send someone to quietly assassinate her. The worst that could happen is that Prince Hao would be furious for a while, but after that, Prince Hao wouldn’t bother spending too much effort to find the real culprit.


However, the problem is that Prince Hao clearly cares about that vixen! Killing her may very well invite a calamity upon Nanzhao! If that really happens, we wouldn’t have a chance at victory.

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