Fiery red silk surrounded the palanquin, and on top of it was a circle of golden tassels. She was very familiar with this decoration; after all, it had been her personal palanquin.


When Wei Mohai saw her expression, he thought that she was stunned by how luxurious the palanquin was. “Miss, this is the Eldest Imperial Princess’ personal palanquin. As you are dancing in her stead, you need to go there in this palanquin. Fix your veil and make sure it doesn’t fall off.”


When he finished talking, a eunuch kneeled down with both hands laid on top of each other. “Miss, please get on the palanquin.”


Su Xi-er didn’t say a word as she boarded the palanquin by stepping onto the eunuch’s hands.


This action of hers is experienced; it doesn’t look like her first time being served like this. Wei Mohai’s eyes were filled with doubt before he regained his composure shortly.


Su Xi-er looked outside the small openings in the curtains as they approached their destination, seeing maids and eunuchs carrying trays and running back and forth.


The state banquet was located in the biggest area of the imperial palace, the atrium.


The atrium had a purple high stage setup decorated by several different flowers, including the Lingrui. There were also big red lanterns that hung from the branches of trees to create a dazzling scene.


Everyone’s gaze suddenly moved towards the fiery red palanquin even as their view was blocked by the high stage.


The palace maids and eunuchs worked even faster. The banquet will begin soon, and the Eldest Imperial Princess is about to dance! They were both excited and nervous about this, especially because there was an extra person here at this year’s state banquet: Prince Hao of Beimin.


Ten metres in front of the high stage was an exquisite wide, round table. Three metres behind the round table were a dozen smaller round tables. The big round table was of course for the leaders of the four main nations to sit at. The smaller tables behind it were for leaders of other foreign nations to sit on.


All of the palace maids that were to serve the guests at the big round table had gathered up their energy to be extra careful. We must not offend these masters.


Nanzhao’s Emperor Ning Lianchen sat at the upper seats with Yun Ruofeng on his left and Pei Qianhao on his right. The two other seats were for the Crown Prince of Dongling, Chu Linglong, and the Emperor of Xiliu, Hua Zirong.


Chu Linglong had a pair of narrow, feminine eyes. He looked at the purple coloured silk that hung on the high stage, then turned his eyes to his dyed purple nails with a glint of interest.


Hua Zirong had a pair of bright eyes and was clad in a cyan robe. His expression was disinterested, as if attending the state banquet was just an obligation.


“Thank you all for coming to Nanzhao. I have delicious food and wine for everyone. The Eldest Imperial Princess of my nation is ready, and the dance will soon begin.” Yun Ruofeng stood up, raised the wine cup in front of him, and smiled to the crowd.


Everyone else raised their wine cups in response.


Pei Qianhao swayed the wine cup in his hand as his gaze moved towards the high stage.


The sound of traditional Chinese silk bamboo instruments sounded as a woman dressed in a luxurious purple dress and veil appeared, almost blending in with the similarly coloured high stage.


Her eyes were like quiet stars in the sky, or flickering candlelight.


With slow steps and soft moves, her gaze changed from cold to charming. She lifted her foot slightly and gently smiled before making a quick turn. With an agile turn of her waist, she was like a purple stream that flowed endlessly on stage.


The pace of the instruments gradually quickened, and the woman’s movements followed right along. She was very nimble, as if the wind itself was guiding her body to move with the dance.


The hem of her dress gradually rose like a quietly blooming Purple Fragrance flower.


The Purple Fragrance flower was the national flower of Xiliu. Hua Zirong’s gaze had changed. The woman on stage...


Nobody watching could take their eyes off the stage. Even their breathing gradually quieted, as if afraid that any noise would shatter the profound tranquillity of the performance.


Compared to other people, Pei Qianhao was the one who was the most clear-headed. Even as he admired the dance, there was a trace of displeasure in his heart.

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As he admired the dance, there was a trace of displeasure in his heart.

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