“If this servant was to keep to my roles, I wouldn’t be going up to dance in the Eldest Imperial Princess’ stead. Prince Yun, shouldn’t you talk nicely when you ask for a favour? Are you threatening me now?” Su Xi-er’s eyebrows raised, her voice leaving some obvious implications.


Yun Ruofeng narrowed his eyes. She is indeed not as soft and simple as she looks. This reminded him of Ning Rulan again.


I didn’t think that there would be another woman with this kind of aura apart from Ning Rulan. Not to mention, this woman is just a maidservant.


“Prince Yun, you can also leave now.” Su Xi-er’s voice was soft. Right now, it felt as if the roles of servant and master had completely switched places.


“This Prince had indeed asked something of you today. In the future, you can tell this Prince whatever you need. If this Prince can satisfy it, then I will.”


He makes it sound like he’s someone who would return the favour after being helped. Su Xi-er asked in a joking tone. “If this servant asked you to die, would you go and kill yourself?”


Yun Ruofeng’s expression froze. He didn’t think she would say something like that. I have no grudges with her, so why is she mentioning death for no reason? He immediately recalled their encounter in Moon County where he had given her flowers, but she had mentioned a dagger and white cloth.


What is this woman thinking? Her thoughts and behaviour are as strange as Pei Qianhao’s.


“Prince Yun, please don’t take this servant’s joke too seriously. You haven’t done anything unremittingly evil, so how could this servant wish for your death? If you die, what will happen to the citizens and His Majesty who still needs your guidance?” Su Xi-er placidly said.


Yun Ruofeng couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but he distinctly felt that there was something else hidden in her words. She is the first person that I don’t understand. Could it be that she has some secret background?


However, I don’t need to know that, and it is inconvenient for me to find out.


“Prince Yun, the Ministry of Rites has prepared everything, and the noble guests from all nations have entered the palace. We are just waiting for you.” Qin Ling stood outside the room and respectfully bowed as he reported.


Yun Ruofeng nodded. “This Prince will go now.” After that, he glanced at Su Xi-er. “Someone will take you there shortly. Wear your veil properly, and be extra careful to not let the veil fall off when you dance.”


“Of course, this servant will take note of that.”


Once Yun Ruofeng received Su Xi-er’s promise, he nodded and left the room.


Before Qin Ling left, he glanced at Su Xi-er. This is the woman who was specifically invited by Prince Yun to dance in the Eldest Imperial Princess’ stead. He couldn’t see her face behind the veil, but saw that her eyes were full of brilliance.


The Eldest Imperial Princess’ eyes are not so brilliant; would the noble guests notice something from these eyes?


“What is it? Your Master has left, but you’re still here?” Su Xi-er looked at him coldly.


Although she was clearly just a maidservant, Qin Ling still bowed to pay his respects. “Miss, we will be counting on you.” He then bowed again before turning and walking away.


Su Xi-er didn’t recognise this imperial guard, but could tell that his personality wasn’t bad from his behaviour and politeness.


As the evening went on, a eunuch came to bring her dinner. He politely reminded her to prepare properly, and to avoid eating too much as to avoid interfering with the dance.


Su Xi-er didn’t say anything. There were five dishes, and she only took three bites of each dish. The eunuch then picked up the tray and hurried off. Seeing his rushed movement, Su Xi-er knew that the banquet was about to begin.


Shortly after, Wei Mohai arrived and did a quick once-over of Su Xi-er as he spoke. “Come, there are many noble guests, but try to stay calm. Only after being confident in your ability would Prince Yun have invited you.” Wei Mohai then walked forward towards a palanquin in the middle of the path.

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