Yun Ruofeng’s gaze floated over Su Xi-er and landed on Ning Lianchen. “Your Majesty, as Nanzhao’s Emperor, you should be preparing for tonight’s banquet. You shouldn’t be here at the Yun Palace asking about this Prince’s matters.”


He wasn’t smiling when he spoke the last sentence, his tone containing traces of authority while he wore a solemn expression.


No one could accept a person talking to the Emperor of a nation like that. However, Ning Lianchen’s expression didn’t change; it was as if he had long since grown used to it. “Prince Yun, your stratagems are outstanding, and you are revered by the civilians of Nanzhao. How can this Emperor find out if Prince Yun is hiding something? But I am curious, shouldn’t you be focusing on the noble guests and my Imperial Elder Sister today?”


Su Xi-er could hear the mockery in Ning Lianchen’s tone when he said the words ‘Imperial Elder Sister’.


“That is not something that your Majesty needs to worry about. As long as you leave the Yun Palace immediately, this Prince will not pursue the matter further. After all, you are still young, and need to gain experience.”


Su Xi-er saw that Ning Lianchen didn’t say anything and felt her heart aching. After a while, she stared directly at Yun Ruofeng without considering her current identity. “Prince Yun, you are the Prince Regent of a nation. His Majesty was generous enough that he didn’t fuss over this with you, but now you are throwing those words in his face. Although this servant has a low status, that is precisely why I so clearly understand the differences in station.”


Her every sentence reminded Yun Ruofeng that no matter how Ning Lianchen acted, he was the Emperor! As long as the latter hadn’t stepped down, his authority couldn’t be challenged; especially during the state banquet!


Ning Lianchen was stunned. She is standing up for me… Yun Ruofeng’s clear eyes became dark. It seems that she cares a lot about Ning Lianchen. Why is she standing up for him?


The air seemed to congeal because of her words, and the atmosphere immediately became awkward. Everyone wore different expressions, and no one knew what to say.


In the end, it was Su Xi-er who broke the silence. “Prince Yun, isn’t this servant right?”


Yun Ruofeng put away the darkness in his eyes and showed a smile. “His Majesty hasn’t reached adulthood yet, so this Prince is his Assisting Minister of the Court. Since the late Emperor and Empress are no longer around, it falls to this Prince to discipline him. This is more important than the difference in status. Is Beimin any different? As Prince Hao’s maidservant, shouldn’t you know this? He must be even more strict in disciplining the little Emperor.”


Indeed, Nanzhao and Beimin are similar on this point. From what I can see, however, Pei Qianhao, cold and overbearing as he is, is different from Yun Ruofeng.


I can’t really describe it, but despite his many faults, I feel that he is a good person at heart.


When Ning Lianchen heard this sentence, he discovered the woman’s identity. If she is Prince Hao’s maidservant, why did Yun Ruofeng bring her here? Isn’t he afraid of Prince Hao stopping him?


“Prince Yun, while the emperors from both nations are still young, Nanzhao’s Emperor is older than Beimin’s. This makes it a bit different.”


Yun Ruofeng found it strange. Why is she so persistent about this?


Thus, he simply replied, “This is Nanzhao’s business, and has nothing to do with you.” He then turned his gaze back to Ning Lianchen. “Your Highness, you should leave the Yun Palace immediately.”


After he finished talking, Wei Mohai appeared in front of the door and gestured for Ning Lianchen to leave. 


Ning Lianchen chuckled and glanced at Su Xi-er again before leaving together with Wei Mohai.


Inside the room, there was now a glint of curiosity in Yun Ruofeng’s eyes. “Women should keep to their roles instead of becoming involved in palace rules.”

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I can’t really describe it, but despite his many faults, I feel that he is a good person at heart.

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