Ning Lianchen didn’t wave his hand to allow her to rise. Instead, he continued to stare at her carefully. Who is she? What is her relationship with Yun Ruofeng, and why is she wearing a veil?


Su Xi-er saw that he didn’t respond and opened her mouth again. “This servant pays her respects to Your Majesty.”


All that followed was a pregnant silence. After several moments, Ning Lianchen stepped forward and extended an arm to lift up her veil, his expression serious. 


In the heat of the moment, Ning Lianchen could almost swear that he knew the person behind the veil. I must know her from somewhere!


Su Xi-er stood up and stepped back immediately. She softly called, “Your Majesty.”


“You, can you lift your veil so that this Emperor can take a look at you? I only need to take one look, just one look.” A glint of hope was showing in his eyes, and his voice was almost begging.


Su Xi-er’s heart shook; she knew exactly who he was thinking of when he said those words. But under the veil is a face that he is unfamiliar with. If I tell him now that I am his Imperial Elder Sister, what would his reaction be?


Being touched by his gaze, Su Xi-er raised her hand and prepared to lift her veil. However, Ning Lianchen suddenly waved his hand to stop her. “You don’t need to lift it. How can you be her? Since you are at the Yun Palace, you should be Prince Yun’s subordinate.”


Ning Lianchen’s tone took a cold turn at the end of his sentence. The way he looked at Su Xi-er also changed, becoming grim and unfamiliar. “How strange that Prince Yun rushed back to the capital just to invite you to the palace. Aren’t you afraid that the Eldest Imperial Princess will be jealous?”


Su Xi-er’s words were stuck in her throat. In the end, she called out to him. “Lianchen.”


Ning Lianchen’s breath hitched when he heard his name being called. The only person who can call my name like that is already dead!


“This Emperor’s name is not something you can say.” Ning Lianchen sneered and continued. “If this Emperor hides you, would Prince Yun become anxious? It is clear that he has invited you to the imperial palace because he has some use for you. For someone like him, he’ll dispose of everyone once they’ve served their purpose. Are you afraid of death?”


Right now, Ning Lianchen was a stranger to Su Xi-er. Even if I reveal my identity now, who could believe that their sister’s soul was reborn into another person’s body?


“Your Majesty, are you afraid of death?” Su Xi-er repeated back to him.


Ning Lianchen’s eyes darkened. Am I afraid of death? That was the case before, but not anymore. Rather, it is that I can’t die yet!


His gaze became distant before finally landing on Su Xi-er. “Do you think this Emperor should be afraid?”


“Your Majesty, everyone is afraid of death. However, as the Emperor, you cannot be the same. You must stay alive.” The words were crisp and clear as they floated into Ning Lianchen’s ears, causing his eyebrows to furrow.


When Imperial Elder Sister was still alive, she also said the same words to me… This woman has given me the same advice as my Imperial Sister.


“Your Majesty, do you believe in reincarnation in another person’s body?” A strange feeling arose in Su Xi-er’s heart, and she couldn’t help but ask him. However, before Ning Lianchen could reply, the room door suddenly opened. A handsome man donned in white robes appeared. His voice was soft, and he emanated an air of gentleness even as he opened the door.


Ning Lianchen smiled. “Prince Yun, you are so quick. If you didn’t come, this Emperor was even planning to go and look for you.”

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