Yun Palace, the palace where the Prince Regent handled court matters, had only been built in the time after Ning Rulan had died, and all state memorials were moved here. In Nanzhao’s history, Yun Ruofeng was the first ever Prince Regent. The Yun Palace being built in this area of the imperial palace was a great irony.


A frosty glint flickered in Su Xi-er's eyes but quickly dissipated.


Wei Mohai went forward and pushed open a door to one of the side halls of Yun Palace. "You may rest here until someone calls for you once it’s time. Remember your place when you take the Eldest Imperial Princess’ place for the dance. Once you are finished, you will be taken to the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace. She will be leaving, while you..."


Su Xi-er waved him off before he completed his sentence. "I understand; you may leave." Her words were curt and straight to the point.


Wei Mohai was dubious. It’s as though she is used to making life and death decisions. How is it possible for a maidservant to have such an aura, when even someone from the imperial family may not necessarily be able to do the same?


"Wei Mohai, since I have agreed with Prince Yun’s requests, I won't mess things up. You can leave in peace." Su Xi-er softened her voice. This man is the right-hand man of Yun Ruofeng. Lü Liu is no longer around, so why should Wei Mohai still be around? Shouldn't he go down to accompany Lü Liu?


In Lü Liu's heart, Wei Mohai was an indomitable big brother, someone who she could depend on. Lü Liu had liked him, and Su Xi-er knew about that.


But, Wei Mohai is a meticulous man who's always suspicious of others. It is because of this that I didn’t betroth Lü Liu to him.


In the end, it was Wei Mohai and his guards from the Imperial Army who stood guard outside of my prison cell. That flurry of arrows that flew at Lü Liu and me… Wei Mohai never relented, even if Lü Liu was at risk.


Su Xi-er found it laughable that she had been able to clearly see Wei Mohai’s feelings towards Lü Liu, but had simultaneously been so blind towards Yun Ruofeng’s feelings towards herself.


Wei Mohai took a glance at Su Xi-er before he put away his doubtful stares and promptly left the palace. Sitting on the horse carriage, he drove towards the palace stables.


Left alone, Su Xi-er looked around the room. She found the usual furnishings: a table, cupboard, and bed.  The bed was brand new, with what seemed like freshly changed sheets.


Seeing a tea set left on the table, Su Xi-er lifted up the lid. From the colour of the tea leaves, she could tell that the tea had only been brewed yesterday. Just as she closed the lid, a familiar scent tickled her nose, prompting her to open up the pot once more.


This tea is...Taiping Houkui. Does Yun Ruofeng rest here after he gets tired from settling the court matters? Bringing me to this place...


Su Xi-er eyes deepened as she ruminated. Just when she began to become lost in her thoughts, the doors were pulled open from the outside and a man's voice, full of authority, sounded out.


"This Emperor never thought that Prince Yun would be keeping a mistress in his plush palace on the day of the state banquet."


Su Xi-er went stiff. Lianchen... It's Lianchen! She looked at him directly in the eye, indescribable emotions swirling around in her heart. 


He’s completely different from the Lianchen that I know, whether it’s the aura around him or his personality. He used to love fooling around and chatting away, but now he doesn’t even want to talk. His eyebrows are always furrowed, and his gaze is even suspicious of me.


The bitter feelings in her heart nearly drove Su Xi-er to tears. It was only her exceptional self-control that allowed her to remain dry-eyed.


I can’t expose myself yet, no matter how much I want to acknowledge him.


Ning Lianchen looked at her, his gaze getting intense. For her to look at me with such a gaze... do we know each other?


"You…" Ning Lianchen parted his lips, but had no idea what to say. His calm and aloof demeanour remained the same, but the caustic stance he had taken when he had entered the room had mostly disappeared.


Gathering her emotions together, Su Xi-er’s eyes above the veil were bent into the shape of crescent moons. She bowed to him deferentially. "This servant pays her respects to Your Majesty."

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