I'm not allowed to dance? Are all my hopes dashed? How can this be? I have longed for this for so many years, how can they do this to me!? I only injured my ankle! I can do it, I can!


"This Princess has to attend the grand event tonight. Even the entire Imperial Guard Army wouldn’t be able to stop this Princess." Ning Anlian pushed Piao Xu away and strode towards Qin Ling, standing right in front of him with a determined look in her eyes. 


Qin Ling took a glance at her ankle. "Eldest Imperial Princess, how can you dance if you can barely walk?  If you fall down or fall off the high stage, both your and Nanzhao’s face will be thrown into the dirt. Please think twice and not act on impulse, Eldest Imperial Princess."


"Think twice? Hmph. This Princess has already contemplated about it. The dance has been re-choreographed and rarely requires the use of the ankle. Even if it does, the movement is slow. This Princess won't fall down, and certainly won't throw away the face of Nanzhao!"


Qin Ling could only leave her harsh words after hearing her determined tone and knowing how stubborn the Eldest Imperial Princess was. "Eldest Imperial Princess, do you think that a dance without any nimble movements is suitable to be presented on stage? If everything is slow, even those middle-aged dancers would be able to pull it off. Such a dance is unacceptable to the eye, and will only serve to shame Nanzhao. Please think twice about this!"


Every single word was like a sharp needle stabbing at Ning Anlian's heart. Extremely agitated, she lifted her hand, slapping Qin Ling on his face. 


Though Qin Ling had some power and position in the Imperial Guard Army, he was still a slave before Ning Anlian. As long as he could keep her from leaving her repose palace, regardless if it was a scolding or beating, he would have to endure it.


Ning Anlian got even more worked up when her actions didn't elicit any response from Qin Ling. "Darn slave, a mouth full of rubbish! If not for Wei Mohai, this Princess would have ordered the Imperial Physician to develop a poison make you mute! This Princess doesn't wish to talk to you, and shall wait for Prince Yun to come."


However, what Qin Ling said next startled Ning Anlian. "These are the orders of Prince Yun: Do not allow her out of her repose palace. She may only come out at the appropriate time."


"What! Prince Yun's orders?!" Ning Anlian furrowed her brows before finally understanding. Qin Ling is only so daring because he is acting under Yun Ruofeng’s verbal edict. Am I truly being stupid, or should I blame Yun Ruofeng for being heartless...


Yun Ruofeng, do you know how important this dance is to me, Ning Anlian? If this Princess is not the one dancing, then who will? The late Ning Rulan?


"Has the dance been cancelled, or is another woman dancing in this Princess’ stead?" Ning Anlian questioned out of the blue. The question shocked Piao Xu very much. The one presenting the dance must be the Eldest Imperial Princess. With the only princess in Nanzhao being injured, how can any other random woman replace her?


If Prince Yun really allowed another woman to present the dance, then he's really… For a moment, Piao Xu felt that Prince Yun was slightly terrifying. He's too cruel towards the Princess.


Looking at Ning Anlian who was showing an unwilling and ferocious expression, Qin Ling replied, "It's all up to Prince Yun's decision. Whether it is cancelled or another woman is selected to dance is something that this subordinate cannot say. It’s better to return to your repose palace and remain inside peacefully, Eldest Imperial Princess."


Ning Anlian gritted her teeth and clenched her fists, her nails digging deep into her flesh. "If this Princess isn’t dancing, I would rather have the event cancelled. Otherwise, this Princess will ensure the woman performing meets a horrible death!”


Her last few words were spat out through her gritted teeth with all the strength she had.

But Ning Anlian still held on to the belief that no one could replace her for the state banquet dance. Yun Ruofeng must have cancelled the dance because he was concerned about my injury, that’s all!

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