Pei Qianhao had been examining the Lingrui flowers from Moon County when an imperial guard came up to him to give a report. When he heard this news that Yun Ruofeng had personally come to the posthouse, Pei Qianhao’s hand froze while reaching out towards the flowers. He spoke without moving his gaze away. “Let him come in; this Prince will wait for him here.”


“Here?” The imperial guard looked towards the patches of Lingrui and was confused. Shouldn’t he meet Prince Yun in the hall? Why does he want to meet Prince Yun in the temporary tent?


“Hurry and go.”


The imperial guard could tell that Pei Qianhao was annoyed, and so he quickly left without another word. Soon after, he arrived with Yun Ruofeng in tow.


Yun Ruofeng looked at the ground, it was full of pots of Lingrui flowers, creating a miniature sea of the yellow plants.


Why is Prince Hao so interested in Nanzhao’s Lingrui flowers? These flowers can’t survive in any other country.


“Prince Yun, you should be heading back to the imperial palace to prepare for the banquet since the prayer session is over. Why are you here at this Prince’s posthouse?” Pei Qianhao’s voice was calm, but a steely glint flickered across his eyes before disappearing.


The imperial guard immediately withdrew. The atmosphere between these two is obviously bad, and even has some hints of hostility.


Seeing as he was short on time, Yun Ruofeng didn’t beat around the bush. He immediately made a small bow and explained his reasons for coming. “The reason this Prince is here is because I want to borrow Prince Hao’s maidservant for something.” 


Pei Qianhao’s chuckled. “Prince Yun, don’t you think it’s funny? What does Nanzhao’s state banquet have to do with this Prince’s maidservant, and what do need her for? Is it because of her beauty that you want her to pour wine for the crown princes of other nations?”


“The Eldest Imperial Princess of my nation has injured her ankle and can’t dance; however, that is something we cannot do without. Prince Hao, your maidservant Su Xi-er has a similar figure to the Eldest Imperial Princess of my nation. If she wears a veil and dances on the high stage, nobody will be able to recognise her.” Yun Ruofeng explained slowly. Every word was hitting Pei Qianhao’s heart.


Pei Qianhao’s eyes darkened. How does he know that Su Xi-er can dance well? Did he sneak a peek that day? Another man had seen it apart from me? I really should gouge Prince Yun’s eyes out.


“This is an emergency. I hope you will accommodate us, Prince Hao.”


“Prince Yun, if you are making a sincere request, you shouldn’t use such a poor comparison. Honestly, the figure of this Prince’s maidservant is much better than the current Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao. Isn’t it pure nonsense to hope that nobody will notice the difference? Besides, this Prince’s maidservant does not have the ability to dance at the state banquet. Prince Yun, please leave and find someone else.”


Direct rejection without any hesitation was Pei Qianhao’s usual style. When he rejected Prince Yun, he had also disparaged Ning Anlian, making her sound worthless.


However, Yun Ruofeng’s style was to succeed by any means necessary. He was not going to leave the posthouse just because of one sentence from Pei Qianhao.


“To be honest, this Prince has seen Su Xi-er’s dance moves before. They aren’t too different from the previous Eldest Imperial Princess of our nation. She definitely has the ability to dance.”


Of course, Prince Yun had sneaked a peek at Su Xi-er when she was dancing at the Lotus Flower County Government Office. It’s likely that Yun Ruofeng had happened to pass by and hidden to the side to sneak a peak that night.


When Pei Qianhao realised this, he remained displeased and waved his hand directly. “Prince Yun, as Nanzhao’s prince regent, you sneaked a peek at this Prince’s maidservant dancing. Based on the fact that you did something like that, this Prince won’t agree to it. Nanzhao’s state banquet has nothing to do with this Prince’s maidservant.”

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Did he sneak a peek that day? Another man had seen it apart from me? I really should gouge Prince Yun’s eyes out. 

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