Everyone left following the instruction, and the expression in Wei Mohai’s eyes changed.


“Prince Yun, what comes around goes around. This Emperor’s sister was murdered by you because it was her fate; her karma so to speak.” The corner of Ning Liancheng’s mouth was raised in a self-deprecating smile.


Yun Ruofeng’s expression didn’t change. He was still emanating an aura of warmth. “She had disrupted affairs of the court and acted as a regent. Death is something she couldn’t avoid, so it was her karma.”


“Karma, what a good word. You said that Imperial Elder Sister disrupted the affairs of the court, but do you think she liked to manage the court affairs? Emperor Father passed away suddenly, then the other imperial princes died one after another. This Emperor was too young and couldn’t manage the court affairs myself…”


Yun Ruofeng interrupted him before he could finish. “Your Majesty, the past is in the past. Even if you remember, you shouldn’t lose yourself in those memories.”


“This Emperor finds it funny.Has Imperial Elder Sister been looking for you in your dreams at night? Don’t you feel flustered?”


During the night, in my dreams… Yun Ruofeng’s gaze changed very slightly. The current Ning Lianchen was extremely sharp, and immediately recognised the change in Yun Ruofeng’s expression.


“Prince Yun really did dream of Imperial Elder Sister; did you kneel in front of her?” At this moment, Ning Lianchen laughed ironically. “Why would you kneel? You would have shot an arrow at her and killed her in your dream.”


“Enough!” Yun Ruofeng got angry in front of Ning Lianchen for the first time. He couldn’t help but raise his voice before managing to compose himself again. “As you have yet to come of age, this Prince won’t take your words to heart. However, how can this Prince give Nanzhao to you without worrying when you have such a short temper?”


“This Emperor is the only one here, so you don’t need to pretend that you ever had any intention of giving this country to me. Prince Yun, you should think carefully. Should you have let go of power, or my Imperial Elder Sister?” Leaving behind this question, Ning Lianchen turned on his heel towards the entrance of the temple.


Yun Ruofeng stood stiffly on the spot. What exactly was the thing that I couldn’t let go of?


Suddenly, the abbot from the temple slowly stopped next to Yun Ruofeng and bowed to pay his respects. “Prince Yun, you should learn to let go, travel for a while, and find out what your heart really wants.”


“If this Prince goes out and travels, who will manage the court affairs?” Yun Ruofeng asked with a gentle and elegant expression.


“Everything should follow its destiny.” When the abbot finished talking, he turned and left.


It’s about following destiny again. Yun Ruofeng’s gaze became deep and inexplicable. It was destiny that I met Ning Rulan. Destiny has also led me along this path, just as it led her to her death. Everything in life is already predetermined by this destiny.


Outside the entrance of the temple, Ning Lianchen was already inside the horse carriage. Wei Mohai’s face was full of solemnity while he waited for a long time for Yun Ruofeng to come.


Ning Lianchen sneered when he saw Wei Mohai’s expression and lifted the curtain of his horse carriage on purpose. “You should go in the temple and see what Prince Yun is doing.”


Just as he said that, Prince Yun came out through the entrance of the temple and nodded towards Wei Mohai. He then got on the back of a horse and left by himself first.


The horse carriage started moving, but when Ning Lianchen saw Yun Ruofeng rushing ahead by himself, he felt that something was amiss.


Why is he in such a rush? Where is he going? Did something happen in the imperial palace? Ning Lianchen started to become lost in his thoughts inside the horse carriage.


Yun Ruofeng raised his horsewhip and took a shortcut towards the capital. Once he arrived, he steered his horse onto a quiet alleyway before arriving in front of the posthouse.


The banquet will begin in about four hours at 7pm. Ning Anlian can’t dance because of her injury, but Nanzhao must showcase a flawless dance.


I have carefully considered my options before coming to the posthouse, but whether they agree or not is up to them.

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Translation: Sangria

TLC: Rakumon


I have thought about it deeply before coming to the posthouse. Whether they agree or not is something that I must try.

Sangria: Is he going to ask Su Xi-er to dance at the banquet?

Rakumon: I can't believe he has the gall to ask Su Xi-er to help Ning Anlian dance. X( I wonder how Su Xi-er is gonna handle this hehe