Ning Lianchen put down his chopsticks and looked at the senior monk. “This Emperor is having other thoughts? I was just thinking about affairs of our nation. Great Master, is this considered other thoughts by you?”


“Your Majesty, only you know what you were thinking. Some things need to be laid to rest so that you can look to the future.”


“Of course this Emperor knows what I was thinking. I have finished eating, and will go to the teaching hall now.” Ning Lianchen set down his chopsticks, the eunuch by his side helping him wipe his mouth and tidy the hem of his clothes before he turned on his heels and left.


Inside the teaching hall were two senior monks sitting at the upper seat. In between them was an empty cushion left for the abbot, the person who had been a monk for the longest number of years, and he happened to be the senior monk who walked in with Ning Lianchen.


Yun Ruofeng sat at the lower seat, leaving an empty cushion by his side that was meant for Ning Lianchen.


“Your Majesty, please sit.” Yun Ruofeng stood up and made a gesture.


Ning Lianchen nodded lightly, then lifted the hem of his clothes and sat down with his legs crossed and back straight. The senior monk also sat down onto the cushion, and started counting the rosary beads in his hand.


All other monks withdrew, leaving only Yun Ruofeng, Ning Lianchen, and the three seated monks behind.


The three monks closed their eyes and continued to count the rosary beads in their hands while chanting mantras. Even Yun Ruofeng closed his eyes and breathed calmly. Only Ning Lianchen kept his eyes open with a glint of coldness.


Only when the senior monk in the middle stop the movement in his hand and open his eyes did the coldness around Ning Lianchen disappear. The senior monk slowly said, “Because of the Causal Loop where what goes around comes around, everyone living in this world is alive because of karma. Death is also a karma. Everything is because of karma.”


There is a reason behind every person’s life and death. Everything is because of karma. Even if someone was murdered by another, it is still because of karma. Whether the karma is good or bad is determined by kismet. We need to accept this, appreciate what we have now, and look forward to the future instead of living in the hatred of one’s past. Doing so would only be torture to oneself.


When Ning Lianchen heard this, he chuckled. “In this world, what goes around really does come around. There is cause and effect. Prince Yun, is this Emperor correct?”


“Yes.” Yun Ruofeng’s voice was calm as he replied simply.


The senior monk sighed. He continued to count the rosary beads and closed his eyes.


After that, the monk sitting on the left suddenly opened his eyes and said in Yun Ruofeng’s direction. “Time to put down. You won’t be able to live your own life if you try too hard. The Buddhist scriptures are like military texts, and should be read carefully. Only after doing so can you truly understand their teachings.”


Yun Ruofeng’s expression didn’t change, but his heart skipped a beat. Time to put down  what does that mean? Power, guilt, or… Suddenly, he was having trouble understanding himself.


For a long while, the three senior monks continued to meditate and occasionally explained Buddhist teachings. However, both Ning Lianchen and Yun Ruofeng were lost in their own thoughts, only pretending to pay attention.


When the three senior monks finished passing on the Buddhist teachings, they stood up, prompting Ning Lianchen and Yun Ruofeng to do the same.


“The praying session has ended. Nanzhao will definitely have great progress.” The abbot bowed as he spoke, gesturing for them to leave.


Ning Lianchen nodded. “Many thanks, Abbot.” He then walked out the door with Yun Ruofeng trailing closely behind.


The abbot sighed as he watched the two figures leaving. He mumbled to himself, “One of them has a heart full of hate, while the other cannot see himself clearly. Nanzhao’s future…”


The eunuchs and imperial guards outside the teaching hall were preparing to receive their masters, but Ning Lianchen signalled for them to stay to the side and wait.


Everyone paused for a second before glancing at Prince Yun, who then softly instructed them, “This Prince has something to say to His Majesty. All of you, wait outside at the entrance of the temple.”

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