Yun Ruofeng narrowed his eyes slightly, the gentle aura around him dissipating. We have already come so far, yet something like this has happened. At this point, there is only one person left who has the skills to dance at the state banquet. As long as we conceal her face with a veil and keep the candlelight dim, nobody will be able to tell who is actually on stage. We can let the real Ning Anlian make an appearance after the dance is over. 


The problem is if this person will even agree to dance at the state banquet. After all, she is not a citizen of Nanzhao. Besides, she needs to listen to Prince Hao.


If we use her, this cannot be kept a secret from Prince Hao. Yun Ruofeng’s eyes darkened when he thought of this. Only when he heard some footsteps getting closer did he return to his usual amicable state.


“Prince Yun, the Emperor is eating vegetarian food and bathing right now. You need to go inside the hall to listen to Buddhist teachings. They will be finished in about two hours.” A junior monk stopped in front of Yun Ruofeng and informed him respectfully.


Yun Ruofeng nodded with a slight smile. “Mmm, this Prince will go now.”


Yun Ruofeng began to head towards the hall after speaking, the junior monk watching the former with a smile. With Prince Yun here, Nanzhao will become better and better.


Back when Prince Yun was a general, he would come to the temple to pray with the Emperor. This wasn’t only during the state banquet, but during other important occasions as well. The monks in the mountain have all seen this, and knew that he will be a great assisting Minister of the Court.


His Majesty has not reached adulthood yet, and needs to learn a lot from Prince Yun. Once he grows up, Nanzhao will only rise.


At this time, Ning Lianchen had finished bathing and was changing into some clothes that had been dabbed with incense. After he had dressed, a eunuch immediately helped him comb his hair. This wasn’t the little eunuch who always followed him around, but an elderly one sent by Yun Ruofeng.


Once he had finished cleaning up, Ning Lianchen exuded a completely different aura. Those brows and eyes. The old eunuch glanced at him and thought of someone. Ning Rulan.


His Majesty has the same father and mother as the previous Eldest Imperial Princess, and despite their brows and eyes being similar, their auras were completely different. Right now, however, His Majesty’s aura is extremely similar to Ning Rulan’s.


The old eunuch immediately bowed to pay his respects. “Your Majesty, I have finished combing. You will need to go out to have a vegetarian meal now, before heading to the hall to listen to Buddhist teachings.”


Ning Lianchen nodded and followed the senior monk to have vegetarian food without another word.


The old eunuch’s heart jumped inexplicably. Something is not right about His Majesty today. While he is usually quiet, he has an extra bit of coldness around him today.


On the day of the state banquet, the Emperor must emanate a trace of gentleness along with his powerful aura. After all, the rulers and puissant personages of various nations would be gathered here tonight. This year’s state banquet was more important than any in recent history.


All the vegetarian food had been prepared for Ning Lianchen before he entered the room. Nodding towards the senior monk, he proceeded to sit down and begin eating.


There were ten different vegetarian dishes that he partook of, thinking of his Imperial Elder Sister as he sampled them one by one. Back then, the food storage was opened to feed the army. Even the people in the imperial palace had to cut down on their food intake and materials used. 


Before Imperial Elder Sister went to war, she had said to him. “Lianchen, you need to know that there are a lot of civilians without food. No matter what is in front of you, you must eat it.”


Back then, no matter how bad something tasted, it was delicious because my Imperial Elder Sister was there. But now, no matter how good something tastes, it is all dull and flavourless.


This is all because someone is missing. Ning Lianchen’s eyes darkened, and an air of desolation emanated from his body.


The senior monk noticed this. As there were no other people around, he opened his mouth. “Your Majesty, you should abandon other thoughts in your heart and dedicate yourself to your country.”

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