After Imperial Physician Fang left the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace, he bumped into a soldier from the Imperial Guard Army. It was Qin Ling, the capable subordinate of Wei Mohai. With Wei Mohai accompanying Prince Yun and the other nobles to the temple at the top of the mountain, the responsibility of guarding the imperial palace before the state banquet at night fell to Qin Ling.


When Qin Ling saw Imperial Physician Fang, he asked, “Imperial Physician Fang, how is the Eldest Imperial Princess’ injury?” He hadn’t left the imperial palace today, but had heard from his subordinate that Ning Anlian had been struck by Prince Hao’s maidservant.


The Eldest Imperial Princess needs to dance tonight. If she is prevented from doing so because of this injury, it will be my responsibility for not looking after her properly.


Imperial Physician Fang sighed. “The Eldest Imperial Princess’ ankle is injured. The swelling has gone down enough for her to walk, but dancing is out of the question.”


“Out of the question?” Qin Ling’s eyebrows furrowed, and his tone became solemn. This is serious.


Imperial Physician Fang nodded with certainty. “The Eldest Imperial Princess said that she has her own plans, but this humble official still thinks that it should be reported to Prince Yun. Otherwise, he will only have four hours left to decide what to do when he returns to the imperial palace.


Qin Ling nodded. “I will send a pigeon letter to Prince Yun immediately. This must be kept a secret until he can return and make a proper decision.”


“Okay, go quickly.”


Qin Ling nodded solemnly and immediately prepared a pen and paper, composing a note to send to Prince Yun.


When Wei Mohai received the letter, two hours had already passed.


The carrier pigeons were specially raised by the imperial palace, and all bore markings on their legs. It must be something serious. Wei Mohai took the note off and quickly walked towards the entrance of the temple.


Yun Ruofeng and Ning Lianchen had just finished praying, and were coming out of the temple with the senior monk next to them.


Wei Mohai stood on the side and didn’t speak, but his solemn expression was enough for Yun Ruofeng to know something was wrong.


“Your Majesty, please go to the stone pavilion at the back of the mountain for some vegetarian food[1]. Then take a bath in the spring and pray to the heavens to bless Nanzhao.” The senior monk respectfully said to Ning Lianchen.


Yun Ruofeng made a gesture to signal the Emperor to leave. “Your Majesty, please.”


“Prince Yun, you have been doing your utmost and handling everything yourself. The heavens will definitely bless Nanzhao.” There was a subtle undertone in Ning Lianchen’s words as he looked at Wei Mohai, then deciding to leave with the senior monk.


Yun Ruofeng took Wei Mohai to the side and asked, “What’s wrong?’


Wei Mohai passed over the note. “Prince Yun, it is an urgent pigeon letter from the palace; please check it.”


Yun Ruofeng immediately took the note, his eyebrows furrowing as he read through its contents. He then handed it back to Wei Mohai. “Burn it. Send a pigeon letter back instructing Qin Ling to focus on watching the Eldest Imperial Princess’ repose palace. She is only allowed to leave after the dance at the banquet has concluded.”


“Prince Yun, how can the Eldest Imperial Princess only be allowed to come out after the dance if she will be the one dancing?” Wei Mohai was initially confused, but gradually put two and two together. It must be something about the Eldest Imperial Princess’ ability to dance at the state banquet.


“Something has happened that this Prince must take care of. There can’t be any more errors at the state banquet. As for who will dance, this Prince will pick someone new.”


The boulder in Wei Mohai’s heart lifted when he heard Prince Yun’s calm voice. But how can we find a woman who can dance at the state banquet on such short notice? Even the head Court Lady from the Imperial Music Bureau won’t be able to take on this huge onus.


“Hurry and send the letter.” Yun Ruofeng instructed again. Wei Mohai nodded and left with the order.

1. People take vegetarian diet in temples. It is related to Buddhist vegetarianism.

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