Ning Anlian has lost face for Nanzhao before the banquet even started. She got drunk in front of the Prince Regent of another country, and continued to call the previous Eldest Imperial Princess Ning Rulan a little bitch.


Interesting, maybe this state banquet will become a farce.


“Withdraw and go prepare.” Pei Qianhao looked towards Su Xi-er and motioned for her to leave.


Su Xi-er nodded and started to head towards her own room. I was able to see Lianchen from the crowd, and I will see him again at tonight’s state banquet. It’s fine even if I can only see him from afar.




After being taught a lesson by Su Xi-er, Ning Anlian returned to her repose palace and felt intense pain shooting up her swollen ankle. She couldn’t help but panic. What should I do? Can I still dance at the state banquet?


Ning Anlian’s face was ghastly white. She looked that the imperial physician in front of her anxiously. “How is it? The swelling on this Princess’ ankle must be reduced immediately.”


“Eldest Imperial Princess, this humble servant will use acupuncture and some ointment to reduce the swelling but...” At this point, Imperial Physician Fang stopped and looked at Ning Anlian, speaking in a serious tone, “Eldest Imperial Princess, you’ll be able to walk after letting the swelling go down, but it is almost impossible for you to dance tonight.”


Ning Anlian’s expression changed immediately and her voice raised higher. “What! Why can’t I dance? This Princess will need to do so in accordance with Nanzhao’s customs! Imperial Physician Fang, you can’t speak irresponsibly.”


“It is precisely because you need to dance tonight that this humble official didn’t dare to speak nonsense. The swelling in your ankle can be treated, but you will definitely be in pain if you dance. This matter must be reported to Prince Yun immediately so he can make a decision.”


Ning Anlian waved her hand. “No need, this Princess can go on stage to dance! No one can stop me! Imperial Physician Fang, you can’t let others know about this. This Princess naturally have my own arrangements.”


Imperial Physician Fang didn’t know what to do. “Eldest Imperial Princess, you must think over it carefully. If you force yourself and go on stage, you will fall during big movements of your dance.”


“Imperial Physician Fang, this is not something you should worry about. Immediately apply acupuncture for this Princess and reduce the swelling.”


Imperial Physician Fang knew that it would be impossible to change the Eldest Imperial Princess’ mind after she made a decision, so he took out his silver needle and proceeded with acupuncture treatment and ointment.


After two hours, the swelling had gone down by about half.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, the swelling will be completely gone in half an hour, but this humble official will still urge you to not dance. Please allow this humble official to take my leave.” After finishing up his treatment, Imperial Physician Fang picked up his medicine box and requested to leave.


Ning Anlian waved her hand. “Withdraw.” Her voice was soft, and any trace of arrogance had disappeared.


After Imperial Physician Fang had left, she tried to move her foot and didn’t feel anything. But when she twisted her ankle to jump, the pain shooting up from her ankle made her frown uncontrollably.


Piao Xu became very worried after seeing this. What should we do? She will need to dance tonight!


But she knew that she couldn’t interrupt Ning Anlian right now. Eldest Imperial Princess needs to ruminate.


After some time spent watching Ning Anlian, Piao Xu became even more worried. It is better for her to vent her anger than hold it in. What should we do?


At this moment, Ning Anlian looked at Piao Xu and posed a question placidly. “What will happen if this Princess doesn’t dance tonight?”


After Piao Xu thought about it for a while, she replied, “Eldest Imperial Princess, please tell Prince Yun about how Su Xi-er purposely kicked your ankle. This servant thinks that Prince Yun won’t be hard on you. After all, there is always next year’s state banquet.”


“It’s not the same; this is the first time that this Princess should be dancing. If I don’t go, then others will say that this Princess can’t compare to Ning Rulan.” Ning Anlian’s words were growing ever more disappointed. Why did something happen to my ankle at this important moment?


“Eldest Imperial Princess, it’s all because of Su Xi-er. We must punish her properly after the state banquet.”


Ning Anlian gave a cold snort. “We will resolve the current matter first, this Princess needs to think of a plan. As for Su Xi-er…”


Ning Anlian didn’t finish, but her clenched fists and the hatred in her eyes said it all.

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