Su Xi-er arrived at the road that the posthouse was on, only to find the imperial guard at the gate looking around nervously as if he was waiting for something. Once he saw Su Xi-er approaching, he waved his hand for her to come over.


Once she was close enough, the imperial guard opened his mouth and said, “Prince Hao is in the hall right now. He’s being served by the new maidservant who somehow dropped his tea before she was able to serve it to him. Thankfully you’ve returned at such a time, and didn’t wait until it was too late."


Understanding his intentions, Su Xi-er replied, “I’ll go now.” She then walked towards the hall.


The imperial guard let out a sigh. It’s fortunate that she is back, otherwise, the aura in the hall is really… nobody dares to approach.


Su Xi-er looked into the main hall, finding a maidservant trembling as she laid prostrated on the floor. Meanwhile, Pei Qianhao looked down at her from the main seat with an expressionless face.


Quickly entering the hall, Su Xi-er bowed. “This servant pays respects to Prince Hao.”


Pei Qianhao looked at her quietly, asking her only a while later, “You are back so early? You didn’t take a good stroll?”


The maidservant prostrated on the floor felt stiff. Prince Hao’s tone is clearly softer. Is this lady the one that Prince Hao personally helped out of the horse carriage the other day?


“This servant went to take a look at the emperor’s carriage and it’s accompanying entourage. I came back after it was over.”


Pei Qianhao’s voice became higher. “Was it interesting?”


“It wasn’t bad. That aside, Prince Hao, please let this maidservant withdraw.” Su Xi-er’s gaze landed on the maidservant to the side as she spoke.


The tension in the hall was nearly palpable for several moments, with the silence only making it all the more unbearable. The maidservant trembled, not daring to raise her head.


After a while, Pei Qianhao calmly said, “As you wish.” Then he waved his hand. “Withdraw.”


The maidservant followed the order and respectfully replied with an affirmative, her voice cracking as she spoke. In the end, she lowered her head and withdrew without so much as a glance towards Pei Qianhao or Su Xi-er.


“Come here.” Pei Qianhao called out in a low voice, signalling for Su Xi-er to walk up.


Su Xi-er slowly approached him, stopping when she was about three steps away. “Prince Hao, the streets today were crowded and bustling. The horse carriage and entourage were also spectacular…”


Before she could finish, Pei Qianhao interrupted her with a smile on the corner of his mouth. “Were you happy to go out and play?”


“Very happy.” This simple answer made Pei Qianhao unhappy.


“If you are happy, why do you look sullen? It’s like you went with the intention to see someone, but didn’t manage to do so. Either that, or what you saw didn’t please you.” The timbre of his voice was deep, and his last sentence managed to strike her heart.


I had indeed gone to see someone; and I saw them as well! However, Lianchen isn’t doing well.


“Prince Hao, this servant just went to see the spectacular event.”


Pei Qianhao suddenly stood up and took one step forward. He looked at her carefully and questioned, “Did you really just go to see the spectacular event? You don’t know anyone in Nanzhao?”


“No.” Su Xi-er raised her head and looked at him directly. Without evidence, it’s no use no matter how much he suspects.


Looking at her clear eyes, Pei Qianhao chuckled. “It’s good that you had a great time out. Go back to your room and prepare for tonight; this Prince will take you to the imperial palace. Remember to be careful of your every move, and to not lose face for this Prince.”


“When has this servant made you lose face?”


Pei Qianhao’s lips twitched when he heard her response. “For now, you haven’t. Last time, you competed with wine at the Prince Yun Residence, and won beautifully. As for Nanzhao’s current Eldest Imperial Princess…” He didn’t continue. The corner of his mouth had a trace of mocking smile.

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He’s being served by the new maidservant who somehow dropped his tea before she was able to serve it to him. Thankfully you’ve returned at such a time, and didn’t wait until it was too late.

Lunarlark: She's like his mom lol. He throws a tantrum when she's not around.

Interesting. Maybe this state banquet will become a farce.

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