Ning Anlian had been excited when she heard that she would be the one to represent Nanzhao on a grand stage, and showcase the soft beauty of Nanzhao’s women. It was always Ning Rulan in the past. I have been looking forward to it for so long, and it is finally my time. From now on, everything about Ning Rulan will be forgotten, and I will become the new light of everyone’s eyes after I amaze the rulers of the other nations with my best.


But at an important time like this, that lowly maidservant called Su Xi-er has injured my ankle!


Ning Anlian didn’t care about her image and directly ordered the imperial guards. “As the Eldest Imperial Princess, this Princess orders you to capture this lowly maidservant!”


Her voice was loud and sharp, forcing the imperial guards into an awkward situation as they looked towards Su Xi-er. Although Ning Anlian is the Eldest Imperial Princess, she is Prince Hao’s maidservant. If we arrest her, Prince Hao definitely won’t be happy. 


We can’t afford to stir up trouble at a time like this, but if we don’t capture her, we won’t be able to explain to the Eldest Imperial Princess. Knowing her temper...


Su Xi-er showed a bright smile that was just right. If she smiled a bit more, it would look too coquettish; if she smiled a bit less, it would look too ordinary. Her smile was perfect to show her innocence and charm.


All the guards in the Imperial Guard Army were stunned by this smile, completely forgetting about Ning Anlian’s order.


Ning Anlian was exasperated and smashed the teacup next to her onto the ground, the ear-piercing sound of it shattering echoing in the otherwise quiet room. “You dare to not follow this Princess’ order?”


Su Xi-er chose this moment to begin speaking. “Eldest Imperial Princess, today is Nanzhao’s state banquet, and every move you make represents the nation itself. Carelessly smashing a teacup on the ground in your rage; using your status to suppress the imperial guards; are you truly fit to be the Eldest Imperial Princess with such an unreasonable personality? ”


Each word was softly spoken, but enunciated clearly for all to hear. Ning Anlian’s face was pale with anger as she raised her hand to shakily point a finger at Su Xi-er. “A lowly maidservant talking like that to this Princess; who gave you the courage?”


“This servant judges by the person. Besides, as the Eldest Imperial Princess of Nanzhao, you can’t order a servant who is from Beimin. I will have to ask the Imperial Guard Army to immediately take the Eldest Imperial Princess back to her repose palace.” Su Xi-er’s words were clear and concise. In terms of their bearing, everyone felt that she was far more superior to Ning Anlian’s.


When Ning Anlian saw the imperial guards look towards her, her heart sank. They didn’t listen to my order, but listened to a lowly maidservant!


Su Xi-er looked at Ning Anlian and knew that she was exasperated, so she decided to fan the flames. “Eldest Imperial Princess, I urge you to quell your internal fire. You will need to dance at tonight’s state banquet. You are still angry at this servant, but your ankle can’t wait. It is already swollen, and if it doesn’t get treated soon, your dance tonight…”


When Ning Anlian heard this, she immediately forgot about having the imperial guards arrest Su Xi-er. Instead, she hurried to instruct Piao Xu. “Hurry and help this Princess onto the horse carriage to get medical treatment. We can’t ruin the big event.”


Piao Xu went up immediately. Although her face was still painfully stinging, she still helped Ning Anlian onto the horse carriage respectfully.


The room was soon emptied out, leaving only Su Xi-er standing by the window with a trace of a smile on her face, watching the horse carriage move away. Even if the imperial physician treats her, it is still no use. I nimbly kicked Ning Anlian on the side of her ankle when I struck her.

She’ll still be able to bear it for now, but we’ll see how she can dance when the banquet rolls around tonight. When Su Xi-er thought of this, a subtle glint flickered across her eyes.

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