Su Xi-er wanted to laugh when she heard that. That relationship was really great, great to the point that she killed me. Now, she’s even looking for the current me to die young.


“Oh? Eldest Imperial Princess, are your words true? At Beimin’s Imperial Palace, this servant heard that you had killed her older sister. If your relationship was great, then why would you kill her?” Su Xi-er’s eyes stared at Ning Anlian, as if she was trying to see through her.


A trace of panic flickered across Ning Anlian’s eyes. It has been a long time since someone mentioned this. Caught off guard, Ning Anlian was immediately thrown off.


“How could that be? This Princess always had a great relationship with my older sister since we were children. Her death was an accident.”


With the only information coming from rumours, only certain people would know the truth. However, Ning Anlian couldn’t have guessed that Ning Rulan’s soul was currently residing in Su Xi-er’s body.


Ning Anlian laughed. “You mean that you believe those random rumours being thrown around? Don’t you believe this Princess’ words?”


“The saying goes that there cannot be waves without the wind.” Su Xi-er raised her eyebrows, and an icy aura seemed to wash over Ning Anlian.


This made Ning Anlian inexplicably nervous. She couldn’t make heads or tails of it, only knowing that her heart was suddenly in her throat.


“Impudent! How dare a maidservant say that to a Princess! This Princess has given you an inch and now you want to take a mile?”


“Piao Xu, seize Su Xi-er for this Princess!” Ning Anlian was enraged. This Su Xi-er doesn’t know what’s good for her!


Piao Xu was secretly delighted to receive Ning Anlian’s order. Now I can take my revenge. What arrogance for a little maidservant!


Piao Xu however, was doomed to fail from the start. Dodging to the side, Su Xi-er used one hand to secure Piao Xu’s arm, using the other to viciously backhand her face!


Piao Xu fell to the ground like a kite with a broken string. “Ah!” Piao Xu yelled out in pain.


Seeing that sending Piao Xu was useless, Ning Anlian was so consumed by anger that she went up to try her hand without even thinking about her status.


“Eldest Imperial Princess, what are you doing?” Su Xi-er smilingly asked when she saw Ning Anlian looking so fierce.


Ning Anlian gritted her teeth. “What am I doing? You will know very soon!”




There was suddenly an anguished cry… from Ning Anlian.


Ning Anlian had been approaching with violent intent, but was tripped by Su Xi-er and fell straight on her bottom. The severe pain had made her cry out uncontrollably.


Su Xi-er knew that Ning Anlian needed to dance at the state banquet tonight and deliberately aimed for her ankle.


Ning Anlian howled in pain continuously. Her face was pale, and large drops of sweat dripped down from her forehead.


When Piao Xu saw the miserable condition Ning Anlian was in, she was stunned. Just when she was thinking about what to do, several imperial guards burst through the door and saved Ning Anlian.


The imperial guards glanced at Su Xi-er. They knew that she was Prince Hao’s maidservant, and that Prince Hao doted on her. If we arrest her and start a war, it will only make things worse for Nanzhao.


As a result, the imperial guards ignored Su Xi-er, and instead prepared to take Ning Anlian immediately back to her repose palace for medical treatment. Piao Xu covered her swollen face and didn’t say anything.


When Ning Anlian saw that the imperial guards were disregarding Su Xi-er, she became angry. She ignored the pain in her ankle and lambasted, “A bunch of idiots. You are not even arresting her even after she has injured this Princess! Is this how Commander Wei taught all of you?”


The leader of the Imperial Guard Army replied, “Eldest Imperial Princess, Commander Wei is not here at the moment. Please return to your repose palace so that the imperial physician can treat you immediately. You still need to dance tonight.”

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