“Eldest Imperial Princess, this servant just saw Prince Hao’s personal maidservant on the streets.” Piao Xu informed Ning Anlian as soon as she saw the latter.


Su Xi-er walking around on her own on the streets? The heavens are giving me a chance to take revenge! This time, I will teach this maidservant a lesson!


Although I lost last time around, this time will be different. I will reclaim all that I had lost.


I will have Su Xi-er know that a maidservant like her should forget about climbing higher. Competing with an imperial princess like me is only a dream!


“Piao Xu, as Miss Xi-er is already on the streets, invite her to come in and drink tea with this Princess.” Ning Anlian’s face was filled with a malicious and pleased smile.


Piao Xu understood the implications of her words and replied, “Yes, Eldest Imperial Princess. This servant will go and invite Miss Xi-er to come and drink some tea now.”


Piao Xu then walked out of the restaurant in a hurry, her mood becoming inexplicably good at the thought of teaching Su Xi-er a lesson.


It was all because of Su Xi-er that the Eldest Imperial Princess got drunk at the Prince Yun Residence and forgot herself.


Piao Xu immediately headed towards Su Xi-er when she arrived outside, saying softly, “Miss Xi-er, the Eldest Imperial Princess has summoned you; come with me.”


Her smiling face made her seem sincere, as if she was really inviting Su Xi-er to tea.


Su Xi-er nodded and agreed immediately. Since Ning Anlian wants to provoke me directly, I will go along with it and treat this as an opportunity.


She followed Piao Xu and entered a private room on the second floor of the restaurant.


There, she found Ning Anlian calmly sipping her tea. If someone saw Ning Anlian right now and didn’t know her, they would really think that she was a pure and aloof person.


“Miss Xi-er, you are giving this Princess a lot of face. Piao Xu told this Princess that you were walking around alone, so I thought it was a good idea to invite you to sit and chat with me.”


When Ning Anlian saw Su Xi-er entering, she immediately stood up and smiled. It didn’t need to be said how artificial the smile looked.


Ning Anlian’s friendly act… even as Ning Rulan, I had never seen it.


“How can this servant dare not come when invited by the Eldest Imperial Princess?”


Despite saying that, Su Xi-er hasn’t bowed to pay her respects even now. She even decided to sit down by herself. She is really thinking of herself as a master!


Even though Ning Anlian was angry, she didn’t say anything. “Miss Xi-er, you must be joking. Not only are you as beautiful as a flower, you serve Prince Hao as well. Even those 72 beauties from the Beauty Palace can’t compare with you. Who would dare to give you looks of disapproval!”


Her words were mocking that Su Xi-er is just a maidservant, and reminding her to not forget her status.


Su Xi-er nodded and smiled. “How can this servant’s looks be compared with the beautiful Eldest Imperial Princess?”


It was obvious that bootlicking worked great on Ning Anlian.


Ning Anlian laughed. “Your aura is very similar to this Princess’ sister, the previous Eldest Imperial Princess Ning Rulan. It is a pity that she died young.”


Mentioning Ning Rulan’s death at this point in the conversation… it was obvious what Ning Anlian’s intentions were. She was indirectly implying that Su Xi-er would die early just like Ning Rulan, warning her not to be complacent.


Su Xi-er went along with it and said, “Eldest Imperial Princess, you seem to have had a great relationship with your elder sister. It seems that you are regretting her early death.”


“Yes, she was this Princess’ elder sister. Of course this Princess had a great relationship with her.” Ning Anlian’s expression didn’t change at all, shamelessly putting on a mask of sadness.

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